Full Circle Art Journaling * Part Four


Full Circle Art Journal

still playing in my little Yale Shakespeare book whose pages are a bit larger than postcard size…

Full Circle Art Journaling 4

circles from goodies sent to me by LaWendula…Martha Stewart bird stamp…Stamper’s Anonymous flower burst stamp…chalk and pencil and a scrap from fabric/paper I made in a wonderful Beryl Taylor class I took years ago…

Full Circle Art Journaling 4 (1)

button paper and stickers…piece of handmade fabric/paper…rubons…Sharpie marker…catalog images…

Full Circle Art Journaling 4 (2)

vintage torn book text layered on pages with stenciled plaster…

Full Circle Art Journaling 4 (3)

Rumi quote…the little girl is a Debrina Pratt image…paper doily…vintage map…paint and chalks…

Full Circle Art Journaling 4 (4)

Cezanne quote printed on cotton twill…stenciled plastered vintage text…pattern and star tissue papers…

Full Circle Art Journaling 4 (5)

walnut ink over gesso…torn Citra Solv paper edge…altered photo of my Mutti’s doll head…pink Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic…

Full Circle Art Journaling 4 (6)

words inspired by Jack Johnson song…photo of our metal heart candle holder…paper scraps…partial rubber stamp image…paint and Sharpie pen…

Full Circle Art Journaling 4 (7)

part of a powerful Ram Dass quote…my photo of a planter with cut out flowers…stenciled plaster with vintage text…gesso and paint…

39 responses to “Full Circle Art Journaling * Part Four

  1. “This is my happy place” – your blog is certainly that for me! Always inspiring, always filled with beauty. Thank you!

  2. Patty, this is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  3. Oh my… all those spreads are simply fabulous! Love them all Patty!

  4. Beautiful pages Patty!! Love all the layouts. Fabulous!! ~Sophia

  5. Wow! So beautiful. So many textures and techniques and colors. Very cool! Tammy

  6. Lovely Patty and a good size to work with too.

  7. inanoctopusgarden

    that plaster looks amazing and I love where all your little bits and pieces take you….wonderful work….I can see you loosening up and the work becoming lighter!!

  8. You choose your images and words very carefully Patty. It all makes for a treasure of a book.

  9. love all the texture, that journal will make a star when standing upright, so very cool!

  10. What a very special little book, and I think that must have been great fun to make. I like that it is not overdone, and I like your restrained use of colour. I went back to try to choose a favourite page – maybe the second last one with the three blue rectangles.

  11. What a treat this post is, you sharing page after page of inspirational and glorious art.
    So many stand-outs:- the butterfly, that beautiful heart with the butterfly below it, the child and I am in love with your use of words and sentiments.
    I shall have sweet dreams after spending time viewing this post 🙂

  12. Patty I’m missing words, these spreads are FANTASTIC.

  13. Gorgeous………… lots of textures! Love the planter at the bottom.

  14. Wonderful and meaningful spreads! I love the textures, the words – all of it! Luscious! xo

  15. Fantastic! I love every single page, Patty. The textures and layers are gorgeous! Very inspiring!

    Gaby ❤

  16. Stunning just so STUNNING love every page. xxxx

  17. You weren’t kidding when you said you’d been creating a lot lately. I’m in love with this new style of yours. The subtle colors, words and images are fantastic.

  18. a ram dass quote is always welcome. robins, too 🙂

  19. That is soooooo cool Patty! I just love it! I remember years back coming across altered books for the first time and I was smitten, still am. Have never made one….maybe someday! That flower burst stamp really caught my eye.

  20. Goodness gracious sakes alive — all these pages are fantastic and it could not have been easy working on such small pages. This little book is wonderful! Wow!!!
    sandy xx

  21. sparkledaysstudio

    Love this journal. What a tiny book…I would have a hard time good working in it. xox

  22. Dear Patty,
    what wonderful pages , filled with each,its own story. I love your use of plaster, and wonderful qoutes,-the art-page is so gorgeous- and also a great idea to use some of your photoes,-,with items from your home. The little girl-pages are so beautiful,too.
    Thank you for alwayes inspirering me so much, dear, it is a joy visiting you.

  23. It is soooo beautiful!

  24. what a beautiful, beautiful book filled with imagery and words of things you love. A fabulous expression of you and your art dear Patty! I wouldn’t dare pick a favorite-they all are:)

  25. Ma chère Patty,
    je viens de voir les 3 premières parties, j’ai beaucoup aimé et je trouve qu’il y a une nette progression au fur et à mesure de vos pages.
    J’adore et je suis dans l’attente des suivantes.

  26. Every page tells a story, and is alway s a little piece of art!

    Have a gorgeous Springy weekend, dear Patty!

  27. Patty, this is unbelievable. I sure do wish I’d be able to see it in person — there is such magic in your work. In every page, a different texture, color, image… I am in awe. Again.

  28. your pages are so stunning !!!! I especially love the one with the Debrina image and lace doily! soooo pretty!

  29. And this is MY happy place. A place where I can come and get inspiration and lessons. You are possibly the best example of a great altered artist I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

  30. a gorgeous lot of spreads… the last one is closest to my mood today, feeling melancholic…

  31. Such beautiful pages & words Patty! Thank you for sharing them.
    Alison xxx

  32. Great work, as always Patty. I especially was happy to see the robin on the first page – made me thing of the currently elusive spring that we know is coming!

  33. Your Journal is beautiful, I love all the textures and soft colours. I hope you are doing well, here it is still winter, it’s never ending, we have tons of snow where we live. Have a great week, Shirleyx

  34. Wow Miss Patty you blow me away, what a glorious bunch of journal pages, each on as beautiful, meaning full as the the next, I kept saying oh that’s my favorite, too may I love to pick a favorite now, I’d love to run my hands over them though:O).. Thanks for sharing, making me smile big, have a wonderful day, Tell Mr Magpie a big hello from Canada, ((( BIG HUGS )))…

  35. Wow Patty, I am fascinated of your creating of these lovely art journal sides.
    So many ways of creating, from how do you get your ideas? Textures, collage elements, stamp motivs live in great harmony in your artworks. I love them all.
    Dearest Greetings

  36. This is a marvelous creation, a joyous journey, each page is so rich and detailed! You have created beauty!

  37. So very lovely! I really liked a smaller journal when I was working in mine…quicker to finish a page! (but not necessarily easier!) Adore this!

  38. Oh Patty…I’m so in awe of your beautiful talent!!…I love every page in your gorgeous journal!! Jan x

  39. Wow! Your pages are fabulous!!! I’m working on packing up my art room so it is pure torture blog hopping! It makes me want to go unpack all those boxes and make art!

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