Welcome April …

spending time at my needle felting machine is always freeing and fun (the piece below is on its way to becoming a prayer flag)…

tea dyed lace wool and more

no needles to thread or bobbins to change just bits of wool…fabric…lace and more magically meshed together by the barbed needles of my Baby Lock Embellisher

Needlefelt cardI used a couple of the smaller pieces I made for greeting cards 5.5 x 5.5 inch (13.9cm) using tea dyed laces and fabrics below……

tea dye needlefelted greeting card

it is not hard to while away the hours at the machine adding more finishing touches by hand…

Peter Rabbit Jack be Little Daffodils

after rain and snow showers over the weekend our miniature daffodils finally made their appearance…

kitchen shelves

joining Elizabeth and Bleubeard on this lovely spring day to wish you a very Happy T Day

Spring begins 2014

“The ‘Amen!’ of Nature is always a flower.” 
–  Oliver Wendell Holmes   

36 responses to “Welcome April …

  1. Always a delight to see your lovely photos and the way you put together a composition with color and texture! The beautiful yellow spring flowers combined with blue china are quite striking, and love the texture of your prayer flag! Cream and beige and lace and all sorts of bits…perfect! I wouldn’t have the heart to hang it outside…only indoors where I could see it often! happy T day + April Fools Day! ☺

  2. oh how pretty those daffodils look displayed in that Spring-like teapot with the blue wares surrounding it. Your felted card and prayer flag is so very beautiful and happily I know just how all those wonderful layers and textures look and feel in person 🙂

  3. Hi Patty! We were, indeed, both on the same wavelength today! I loved seeing your Spring Daffodils in that lovely teapot! Your felted pieces are gorgeous! I’ve done some felting by hand and boy are those needles sharp! It must be a pleasure to felt by machine where you can concentrate on design and not getting stuck! Happy T Day!

  4. beautiful bits and pieces you put together. You definitely have an eye for it!

  5. Very pretty, Patty! I tucked my daffs into a teapot, too. So cheery that way! Happy April!

  6. I have always wanted one of those machines. I nearly bought one a few years ago after Kathy and I did some needle felting by hand. I love your prayer flag. It’s truly lovely. And it makes me want to reconsider my idea about buying one of those machines, too.

    You know how much I love blue, and the daffodils in the teapot surrounded by blue pieces really spoke to me. Thanks as always for sharing your spring inspired art and flowers today.

  7. Oh dear Patty, your needle felted collages are gorgeous- I love them all- with their leightnes, and lovely laces mixed with wool and other wonderful adds.
    I can`t believe your daffodils are further forward than mine, with the weather you had, but so they are 🙂 and so lovely in the little teapot, together with your saltware ? Such a beautiful spring post ,thank you sweet friend.

  8. So lovely! I can just see you sitting at that felting machine for hours! Take a break and drink some tea and snap some photos. I know you do that!!! Love your Peter Rabbit cookbook on the shelf! Enjoy this day!

  9. Your felting pieces are so beautiful Patty…another technique to tempt me! Lol!
    I adore those sweet daffs too, so beautifully photographed with the blue china. One of the houses that I visit on my paper round has daffodils peeking through a white picket fence. They make me smile every morning!
    Happy April!
    Alison xxx

  10. your felting is beautiful!

    i’m so happy to see the daffodils around here, and yours against that blue china brought a smile. thx 🙂

  11. The flowers that you have made are so pretty. The card looks wonderful. I love those daffodils. They look so adorable in that tea pot.
    Happy Spring

  12. Judith Post

    As always Patti, your projects are beautiful….thank you for sharing.

  13. sparkledaysstudio

    Sweet wooly goodness. I need to do more of that next winter, not now, clover can be seen – Yay….xox

  14. Such a lovely post, Patty! So inspiring . . . daffodils are one of my favorites also. Such a happy flower!

  15. Wow!…that felted card is just gorgeous Patty. Bring on the daffodils I say! We are heading for winter, tho’ it’s still very warm (and the pool will be finished this week)

  16. Your needle felting looks so beautiful! And – those daffodils! How lovely to see them and today is the first day there is Spring in the air. I took a long walk outside in the sun – birds were chirping, some kids out on skateboards! A sure sign 🙂 xo

  17. Love the cute tiny daffodils. We have some in our garden, but I don’t have the heart to cut a few 🙂
    Hope spring ill arrive soon at your place, we had the warmest March 30/31 ever, last year we had freezing weather and snow…
    Your felting looks fab, so clever to use small pieces on greeting cards. They will be treasured!

  18. So sweet! How cool to have a machine do all that punching for you 🙂

    Cheers, kimmie

  19. Hello Patty! So happy to see you today, feels like spring here and it’s finally here at my house today too. Sadly, ours isn’t going to last long though before rain and cold come. Can’t wait to get some pretty colored flowers popping up in my yard, love the teapot you put them in.
    Those felt pieces are just beautiful, love when you play with things and make it look amazing.
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week.

  20. Happy T-Day!
    Lovely felting pieces. Love the texture created by all the layers and different material.
    Those are mini-daffodils. They are so beautiful. Their bright color really shout “Spring”!

  21. amanda russell

    I love the effect you get with your TOS technique. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to trying! Greetings from the Cotswolds, UK.

  22. Your needle felted piece is gorgeous. It is so addictive, isn’t it? You make me want to get mine out again! Beautiful dafs, mine are still 6 months away, but it’s nice to see spring is coming over there.

  23. A really wonderful Spring-post, liebe Patty.

    Sunny greetings from Germany

  24. Love, love, love your felted pieces! You surely do have a magic touch!

  25. inanoctopusgarden

    Amen is right! Your felting is yummy along with your displays! Coincidentally I just dug out some atc to put in my “Share” journal (the book I made at mixmediacoll.) and was thrilled to see your needle felted “nest” card and also one from Susuan. They are tucked into pages now , so much more deserving than a box in a drawer!

  26. I envy you your baby lock embellisher! I love the works you made and Yay! Spring!

  27. Thank you for showing that machine and your pretty work!! I’ve never seen that—how interesting!
    Your wee teapot and flowers are sooooo pretty 🙂 hope your t day was fun 🙂

  28. Your needle felting looks wonderful.

  29. Didn’t even know needle felting could be done by machine. I enjoyed your tiny daffs and also looking at your pottery. I think I have that same child sized tea pot and some of your blue and white china is very familiar. Fun to see.


  30. BEAUTIFUL liebe Patty… what amazing pieces of Mixed Media..so special beautiful!
    Great impressions and a blooming happy post at all my dear friend!

  31. Oh…your felted creation is so dreamy and will make a fabulous prayer flag..Love it!! Jan x

  32. Wow you made fabric art pieces, they look so good to me. You perform magic with your felting machine. I would like to try it too, a new way of painting with fabric and felt.

  33. Great post,love your works,very beautiful,love daffoldils too,very inspiring post.
    XXX Jeannette

  34. Beautiful embellished pieces. I really like the surfaces it produces ready for hand stitching.

  35. oooooh – daffodils!! Be still my heart. It’s been so long since we’ve seen anything akin to flowers outside……

  36. I am so keen to try felting especially as you don’t need too many tools (is that correct?) . A baby interlocker, now to me that is speaking another language and one I know I would never be able to grasp LOL.
    Those pieces are exquisite as is that gorgeous photograph of the daffodils. Your bring Spring into our homes with such a photograph.

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