Seth Apter’s 6th Annual Buried Treasure and My Mermaid Slipper

my search for Buried Treasure had me digging back to September of 2010 for my entry in Seth’s Buried Treasure event this year I came across a favorite altered shoe I created:

“pretty much everything has a story doesn’t it …

this story goes back to around 2009 …

Mr Magpie who is SO very supportive and encouraging of my creativity was exiting a major highway …

he saw this lonely shoe and made a second loop back to the exit about 3-4 miles to rescue it from the side of the road

rescued shoe before

… imagine my surprise and delight …

kind of felt like Cinderella…except I have never worn a heel like that … ever … 😉

I have altered shoes before with a couple of examples here and here … back in the day I even did dried flower arrangements in little children’s shoes …

the minute I saw this high heeled number …

I thought “mermaid slipper” 

maybe it was the cork platform heel …

Sanibel She Shells (2)

I have been most distracted lately by our collection of seashells … it led me to making mandalas the other day and finally… after all this time …Sanibel Island Shells

I got the clear chaulk out and got busy transforming my special shoe …

almost complete …

I painted the inside of the shoe after I glued on the shells … a little silly … what can I say I got excited …

Mermaid slipper (3)

Lumiere Pearl Turquoise gave a nice shimmer …

I knew it needed words …

mermaid thoughts …

what WOULD a mermaid do with a shoe anyway …

mermaid slipper (9)

in my excitement I showed Mr M the finished slipper and boy did we have a laugh … when he read the quote out loud …

speaks to the “soul

it hit us … yes … the SOLE!

mermaid slipper (14)

the shells were all collected from Florida beaches … Sanibel Island mostly … a small black shark’s tooth from our dear friend Carol’s brother Joe along with some tiny pieces of sponge …

creating my mermaid’s slipper was like taking a mini vacation …

everything melted away …

I forgot to drink water …

I forgot to … well you know …

it was perfect escape and very satisfying …

wish you could feel the weight of the shoe layered with seashells!

My Mermaid Slipper

“Come walk with me
Along the sea
Where dusk sits on the land
And search with me
For shells are free,
And treasures hide in the sand.” ~Unknown

Caldesi FL Shellbush1

sjöjungfru… sirena … zeemeermin … havfrue … syrena … sirène … Meerjungfrau”

You can visit all of the participants here

47 responses to “Seth Apter’s 6th Annual Buried Treasure and My Mermaid Slipper

  1. You are truly wonderful and so in touch with your own joy and wisdom. And there seems some synchronicity here, and I would like to share my latest story with you about the Shepherd and the Shell – for worlds are moving when mermaids come to land.. you know …

  2. Very creative! Love the ‘soul’ 😉

  3. Very cool! What a great piece.

  4. Perhaps it was the shoe of someone who became a mermaid and left it behind for Mr Magpie to find and for you to decorate in case she ever returns to land….of course, then you would have to find her other shoe! Sanibel has the best shells!

  5. Adore your mermaid’s slipper. Inspiring me to perhaps alter a shoe (in my spare time!). I do have a few that could use a touch-up. Here’s something — till I found shoes for Kevin’s wedding, I was pretty certain I was going to have to foof up a pair of current shoes! And it would have been OK!

  6. Patty, I love everything about this post! Your mermaid slipper is inspiring.

  7. My mother turned shoes into Christmas decorations as gifts one year when I was little, so your treasure brought back fond memories. I love what you did with yours 🙂

  8. Every time I visit your blog, you inspire me with your creations. Your mermaid slipper is splendid in all of its details.

    Hope your day is going great!
    Gaby xo

  9. I remember that shoe, and all the beauty of this post. I also remember how impressed I was with Mr. Magpie for being so supportive. A great buried treasure, dear friend. Your shoe is the “soul” of this buried treasure hunt.

  10. Oh ,my dear Patty, what a joyfull post, I love your mermaid shoe ,so beautiful, even it will never sit on a mermaid, -but even mermaids have dreams, and I`m sure wearing this shoe would be one of them!
    Your husbond is wonderful for bringing it home to you, and it is a fantastic burried treasure ,now out in the free again , altered to live a new life!
    Your Mandala looks so beautiful, imagine you have so many shells. Even I live at the food of the sea, we have almost no shells here .
    Love your play with the sole ,LOL
    Hugs to you my friend- xx

  11. Oh my goodness Patty!!
    And on that note I believe I will have to head out to the coast today for a bit, and take advantage of my surroundings and my freedom from scheduled time xxxx
    Thank you so so much,

  12. Wow!!! This is so unique and fun. Love it!!! The quote is perfect. You made me laugh too 🙂 ~Sophia

  13. amazing — all the mermaids are angry that they have no feet to wear your creation!

  14. Very sweet and cute! And I love the soul/sole joke. 😀

  15. If a mermaid could wear a shoe I’m sure she’d be very happy to wear this one

  16. What a lovely post Patty!…and the shoe….dreamy…really dreamy. It sets me off into a reverie of imagined sea persons dancing in those gorgeous shoes.

  17. I DO love this! I hope you have it under a cloche!!!

  18. So cool! Mermaids are a favorite of mine so this shoe is very intriguing.

    By the way, may I ask where in Virginia you live? I lived in Northern Virginia most of life before moving to Connecticut for my husband’s work. Still miss it too. Enjoy!

  19. Wow I’m missing words, such a fantastic idea. A very wonderful piece of art.

  20. Such a fantastic transformation. I’m sitting here chuckling about the thought of a mermaid with a slipper – perhaps she would keep one for her handsome prince to drink from 🙂

  21. I am so glad you chose to dig up this post as sea themed pieces are always near and dear to me. Don’t know why…I don’t swim, get seasick and don’t even like water that much to drink. I think it is the romance and beauty which your mermaids shoes evokes perfectly.

  22. I love both the mermaid shoe and the story that goes along with it! You definitely have a sweet man.

  23. a soleful post!

  24. Oh how I laughed at your unintentional pun at the end of this post. I love the shoe and the story behind it! I used to always cry at the tale of the Little Mermaid. I can imagine her loving this shoe and longing for the day when she would be able to wear it. This post – unlike the story of the Little Mermaid – is such a happy one, full of humour and happy memories.

  25. …and I meant to say well done Mr Magpie for giving that lonely shoe such a loving home! Julie Ann xxx

  26. Oh my- any mermaid would have to LOVE this special slipper for certain! Stunning! Hmmm…. I wonder, if I slipped it on could I become a Cinderella mermaid for a few hours???

  27. Wow,wow,wow dear Patty your seashell shoe looks so damned good, a very amazing idea to use these lovely seashells. Every mermaid would love such kind of shoes. You should put this shoe in your bathroom , it is a lovely decoration object. But the shoe objects you made before look very good too. I am very impressed! I love seashells too and own a lot of them.
    Dearest Greetings

  28. Very cool altered shoe! Fabulous idea to put the quote on, too!
    Wonderful Buried Treasure!
    All the best,

  29. sparkledaysstudio

    Most perfect use of a found slipper I’d say. xox

  30. A FABULOUS buried treasure and an amazing shoe creation. Love that the hubby picked it up. I have mine “trained” for small trinkets off the ground…I will have him read this story : )

  31. Awesome! Love the idea & execution. Thanks for sharing

  32. What a cool project. I also loved the little girl shoe you linked back to.
    Can’t wait to look at more buried treasure.

  33. what a creative “soul” you are……i loved it all!

  34. How wonderful your mermaid slipper is Patty! I can imagine how you could lose yourself in creating it!
    Alison xxx

  35. inanoctopusgarden

    I got lost in your post today – the words and quotes and shells – everything! Being a long time shell seeker and beach lover I just kept wandering in and out of your images:) after a wonderful day at the beach yesterday you just tied it all up with a bow for me today!

  36. This is one of the sad things about blogging, that there are so many wonderful posts which will rarely be seen again. Thanks for sharing the story of the shoe again, both amusing and artistic, and full marks to Mr. Magpie, he is a real live treasure.

  37. My, Miss Patty, you have been quite the poster lately! Love all the work and photos you’ve shared and this mermaid shoe is beyond belief! Thanks for digging it up 🙂 xoxo

  38. Patty! What a wonderful Buried Treasure post! I adore your Mermaid slipper- such a great piece of mixed media art- too cool! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  39. Hi Patty, your shell creations are gorgeous and so wonderfully different. I love Mandalas, yours is quite special. The shells in the shrubs is very magical. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and have a great weekend, Shirleyx

  40. OMG Patty, I was waved away with your wonderful post! What a storie 🙂 I so love it and then I mean look at this are the queen of altering things and make treasures out of it!! Thank you for sharing this exciting creation with us ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  41. I know she wants that shoe BACK!!! Lookout you will have all kinds of strangers saying….ohhhh, my long lost shoe………………

  42. great to dig this out from the past again! i love the mother-of-pearl shimmer of the shells so much… a fairy shoe for sure!

  43. It’s late-pretty tired-already in bed, but can’t miss to comment this…oh WOW!!! It’s amazing , Patty! Such a gorgeous alteration, and the quote…Bravaaaa!!

  44. You are so creative, Patty! This altered shoe is gorgeous. I always loved collecting shells on Sanibel Island, too 🙂 Dagmar

  45. What an amazing piece! But the thought of wearing it it slightly scary: I don’t imagine the shoe as quite comfortable…

  46. I love your mermaid slipper – and the way the creative process was an escape of sorts – lovely story and end result!

    Cheers, kimmie

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