Pretty Paper Hearts: #25 The Awakening

The PPH Journal challenges (you can play along too!) always make me stop and think.  I have had these pages in progress for several days now, I work a little and step away.  Finally I was ready to commit to gluing things in place.


First, I clear embossed at the bottoms of the pages, which did not work out like I had hoped, so I embossed with white powder and was much happier with it.


Pastel-Yellow Coleur Wash by 7gypsies helped give these pages the look I was after.  It comes in a bottle with an eye dropper top, great stuff!


My friend Michelle’s lace (two beautiful kinds) always seem the perfect touch of white when I need it.


“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.  Who looks outside, dreams.  Who looks inside, awakens.” ~Carl Gustav Jung, 1875-1961

11 responses to “Pretty Paper Hearts: #25 The Awakening

  1. OMG Patty these are gorgeous.
    Really lovely entry. Love them.


  2. Wow- this is really fancy!! Beautiful!


  3. Absolutely GORGEOUS! Love the soft, dreamy colors and beautiful page layout. I am all about cut up words bouncing a round a page. 🙂


  4. This is so darned gorgeous. I love visiting your blog, so much inspiration, you are a wonderful artist.


  5. This is the most beautiful journal page(s) I’ve seen. Simply lovely. As always, thank you for sharing your art and providing such inspiration. I’ve fallen behind on my journal but now I’m inspired to get back to it. Simply beautiful.

    Best wishes and high hopes to you,


  6. this is soooo beautiful!!! i love how dreamy and wispy it is! the white touches with the blues….gorgeous!


  7. Hi Patty, i’ve just found your blog, so many lovely makes here! I love these pages!


  8. oh my goodness these pages are gorgeous!! I love the color mix here and the quote to go with them is wonderful.


  9. Patty – I love the soft white and blue of your pages! The flowers and the “mind’s eye” images are really wonderful and great ways to express your awakening. Thanks for sharing!



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