Index Card Fun…

there has been a buzz in blogland lately over ICADs which stands for Index Card A Day

the recipe card size of 3 x 5 inches does speak to me as I find it is a great way to use some of what is handy on my art table working quickly not thinking too much…

here are a handful of links from friends with some of their recent and inspiring ICADs:

Linda of Linda Jo’s Obsessions

Christie’s Flickr

Dawn of Girl Unwinding

Elizabeth of Altered Book Lover

some years ago we called the 3×5 format “Skinny’s …

I got hooked playing with ICADs again a couple of summers ago and almost filled an old metal recipe box with new cards I created…

Recipe Box of Index Cards

some were sent out as RAKs as I find they make nice little “note cards” or tuckins…

some of my collaged Index Cards

I have not gotten back into making one a day but I did get to play the other day and make a couple…Organic Index Card

the card above used one of my ready to go backgrounds with a bit of security envelope torn at the bottom, a piece from a journal page that I created and copied and printed out … the “Organic” sticker is from some yummy British Lemonade…

Mermaids Tailthe mermaid tail was stamped on some scratch paper that had been on my desktop for quite some time…

Mermaids Tail (1)

I used several ink sprays and misted each layer with water to make the background run and blend and bead up…the words “from the deep” are glued onto broken pieces of a wooden coffee stirrer…

my cards are straight rectangles…it might be time for me to start using a tripod for my photos 🙂

♥ many thanks to so many of you for inspiring me again and again in special ways that you may not even be aware of ♥

32 responses to “Index Card Fun…

  1. These a gorgeous Patty! I love the background on the mermaid one xxx

  2. Oh gosh I bet you just love flipping through your box of art! What a neat collection of “you”!

  3. Beautiful cards Patty!!! I love this idea. I’m going to have to try a few this weekend. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. ~Sophia

  4. I noticed this term just the other day and had not a clue as to what it stood for – thanks for enlightening me!
    That fragment of the lemonade is a lovely way to incorporate memories from your travels. The face in the portal is amazing however the background on the mermaid piece is incredible. The inky, watery appearance and amazing depth.

  5. I like all of these, Patty. I’ve thought that would be a fun challenge — and you’re right — it’s a terrific way to use up what’s on the table!

  6. I used to make Skinnies ages ago but had not heard of ICADs. Your samples are amazing and so inspiring, I can well imagine getting into this and i love the look of your box of old ones! Both of the new ones are so lovely, I particularly adore the background on the mermaid one!!

  7. Hello dear…like Lynne, I never heard about that term- so thank`s for the info, Patty..- and for all the very beautiful examples you showed here!
    And what you call scratch paper is a stunning background for the fish tails!! I clicked to see details, and they are just fantastic created–Also love your box full of wonderful ICADS !! sweet weekend greetings – xo

  8. These are all wonderful and so full of inspiration. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I love the ‘vintage’ look that you’ve achieved Patty. You must have quite a collection of bits and pieces. Your box of index cards is a treasure.

  10. What a treasure for sure! Yours are wonderful! Love the mermaid theme; super background! xxoo

  11. Your ICADs are just gorgeous…my favorite is the mermaid tail…what a great perspective… and thank you so much for including me in the links above! You are very kind to do so.

  12. Hey! Yours are each a work of art! See… I can’t do that or I would be even further behind! hahahaha! You should go over and visit the ICAD site. Although…we are almost finished!

  13. Do I sound whiney? I AM whiney!!! Sorry………. bad couple of days.

  14. just beautiful cards patty 🙂

  15. Those are so beautiful! I love the depth and richness of the backgrounds. And your recipes box looks absolutely delightful! Like a candy store for a crafter.

  16. I just made a comment and have a feeling it didn’t go through, so I’m trying again. I too hadn’t heard that term. I have a few handmade postcards in my collection and now you’ve given me the incentive to add to them and go on a hunt for a recipe box I can alter to put them in. Thanks!

  17. Hi Patty
    I have never heard either of the ICAD’s but I too just love creating on this size as I often do but your effects especially with the fish tail are amazing.
    Lovely box full of so many lovely cards.
    Hugs to you,

  18. How fun! I love the colors you selected to create yours Patti! I also love the beautiful cards you received!

  19. Gorgeous!! I’m always in awe of how you make the stamped images…from separate papers…meld into the background so seamlessly. WOW! Love the recipe box full of cards. Perfect little surprise in an unassuming box.

  20. Thank you all very much for your visits and lovely comments
    The cards I have shared here are ones that I created Nancy 🙂

  21. Nathalie Thompson

    Something I must get back to and an index card a day would be an easy plunge! Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. This is one of my favorite things of the community, there’s always some new canvas popping up ready to experiment on, and people embrace it. I hadn’t heard of Index Cards before, so thank you for filling me in 🙂 Yours are truly wonderful mixed-media pieces~

  23. How inspiring YOU are dear Patty… adore your index cards… and just love the idea of them… ♥ the mermaid tail… so beautiful…

    Jenny ♥

  24. Your gorgeous creations put mine to shame. You do such gorgeous and precise work. Your ICs are filled with color, perfect composition, and thought provoking eye candy. They are truly amazing. I’m in love with all that I saw. And thanks for the shout out, too.

    BTW, what a great way to use an old coffee stirrer stick. Never get rid of anything is my motto. Must be yours, too.

  25. Lovely IC, especially the mermaid tail.

  26. This cards are just brilliant, fantastic, totally awesome, wow, what more can I say. Love them all.
    Have a wonderful next week, dear Patty 🙂

  27. Guess who 🙂
    Finally back to mooching around people’s blogs again, and I have to say, I love these cards.

  28. I love each one!!!!!! Pure wonder and beauty! 🙂

  29. What a lovely selection of cards. I have been following Connie Rose’s ICAD journey, all so very different.

  30. Hello Sweety, well I have never heard of these cards before, well I’ll have to try a few, I have a tin just waiting to be used, kool.. Well yours are all beautiful, that fish tail, Wow the background you created is stunning.
    Thanks for sharing. I’ll be away for a couple of weeks, I am going to miss visiting you soooooo much but know you’ll be in my thoughts, thanks for sharing, (((((( BIG HUGS )))))))

  31. Your box of cards looks so fascinating, that sounds a great project, I might have to try to fit that in. I do admire the way you merge your patterns and colour. Your “Organic” one looks terrific with all the blues.

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