Artomatic Tea

Christen is this week’s T(ea) hostess and has chosen “Urban Art” as the theme … I thought I would revisit a blog post from June of last year since some of you may have missed it

I am drinking a cup of organic Sea Buckthorn Power Fruit Tea that the lovely LaWendula sent to me from Germany … ummm

grab a cup of your favorite beverage and join me

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Artomatic had a temporary exhibit last summer in Washington DC … nine floors of eye popping art

Porcelain =

2009 was the 10th anniversary of this moveable art exhibit

BulletRibbon copy

it was our first time seeing it…..where had we been!


more art than you could shake a stick at … in a brand-new, never occupied 275,000 square foot spaceglass Nats

situated right next to the Washington Nationals Stadium

Installation art

nine floors of visual and installation art

Stage Sampler

theater performances… and comedy


three music stages … street performances such as fire dancing and drum troupes along with a film screening theater


over 1,000 visual artists and 600 performing artists exhibited in 2009


we spent hours and hours


there was something for everyone

getting tired SIT

the view of the Capitol was great … not one you usually see


plans for the next  Artomatic are in the works

Happy T Tuesday … you can stop by Kimmie’s Art in Red Wagons for the complete list of tea participants … that is if her computer issues have been cleared up … AND

***I thought you would want to know about a really gorgeous giveaway at my talented Queen Bee friend, Carole’s Madness and Mess … she is celebrating her Second Blogaversary today!!!***

AND the lovely Lynn is having a really precious Spring giveaway too … not to be missed!

Glad you could stay awhile for tea 😉

21 responses to “Artomatic Tea

  1. Lovely post this morning. Love the urban art and love that it was so close to the baseball stadium. Enjoy your tea while I plug away doing stuff like work. Will have a cup of tea a little later and make a toast to you and urban art! hugs,


  2. How wonderful this must have been in person, I love the paper doll and tree! Thanks for giving us such a beautiful post! C


  3. what a great post, so much to look at! guess I better go get some tea, this might take a while! LOL!!! xoxox


  4. You are right Patty something for everyone,
    the chairs i want to sit on and the bed with the tree I could go to sleep in it…just ned the porridge and the 3 bears.

    thanks for the invite to tea.

    catch you later.

    chriss x


  5. wow ! great exhibition – thanks for showing us. I do like the girl & the tree though – more subdued !
    Enjoy TTuesday ! xx


  6. I remember this post!!Just as good the 2nd time around!! And the tea sounds delicious!!!


  7. Wow – that is amazing! It looks like it would almost be an information overload …. but DC is kind of like that – one GIANT and IMPORTANT place – full of monuments, museums, history – and now new and edgy art – very very cool 🙂 I look forward to seeing your ’10 trip to Artomatic!
    (I’m back) happy T today!!!!! hugs, Kimmie


  8. As always, you show things that are truly exciting and novel. This place is certainly new to me. The last time I was in DC was in 1989. I’m sure things have changed a lot since then.

    I went to the Artomatic link you provided and saw they are having a Bucky Fuller exhibition starting in April. A proponent of both his geodesic domes and his green principles, he is one of my unsung heroes. So many people misunderstood or didn’t care for his architecture, but now they are looking at him in a whole new “green” light.

    Thanks for such a lovely T post.


  9. Totally fascinating. I’d love to see that!


  10. Sipping my tea and enjoying your art tour. Wish they had one of those over here. Fabulous photos you do take.


  11. I agree with Kimmie, very edgy artwork and I feel honoured to have been given the opportunity to take the tour. Thanks Patty!
    Debs x


  12. Loved the tour. Christen had a great theme idea. I bet touring in person was amazing.

    I especially like the “sit on it” invitation. That’s my kind of humor.

    Hope your tea Tuesday is going great.



  13. wow, what an amazing exhibit. i would have needed a paper bag to breath in… thanks for sharing, i would have never known about artomatic!
    and here is an open invite to come do dishes with me any time at all – i would be honored. i’d even make yo a cup of tea 🙂


  14. Awesome exhibit! So much to see, I’d be lost for days upon days of artistic bliss! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  15. Great inspiring photos !!!
    Thanks for sharing them and also the link to the giveaway.


  16. What an exciting art venue…a little of everything simmering like a good cup of tea. Thank you for stopping by my little blog…I decorated the envelope today and will hopefully wrap things up for mailing tomorrow. I am drinking Perisian Dream today for my Tea for Tuesday. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  17. Gotta leave a note right after Mary Helen, and also tell you what exciting pictures and such wild and crazy imaginations in the exhibit. There was definitely a LOT to see. The photo with the Capitol is a bit of reality.


  18. Oh wow, Oh wow, Oh wow, I envy those that live close enough to visit places like this. Thanks so much for the tour. Wonderful stuff.


  19. What an inspiring exhibition! I am fascinated by the round thing – is it a hat?
    Lovely view of the Capitol building too…..


  20. Wow, I would have loved to have been there in person, it must have been so much fun 🙂


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