Stone Angel Sunday 3

***please enjoy these FREE Downloads for your personal use only…they are not intended for collage sheets or to be sold***

eventho many of the statues we are sharing with you from the cemetery in Old San Juan do not have wings we found them to have angelic qualities…

so we will continue calling them Stone Angels as I share with you for a few more Sundays…

last week I mentioned that we found some of the statuary missing fingers and arms…

with all of the arms missing on this piece we were very moved by the child on the right still having her hand on the shoulder of the middle child…

this quote is for The Reaney Family with Love…
“We shall find peace. We shall hear the angels; we shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds.” ~Anton Chekhov

please remember Suz and her family in your prayers…

R.I.P. dear Jud

13 responses to “Stone Angel Sunday 3

  1. Incredible Patty! Thank you! xxoo


  2. Patty you´ve made so wonderful photo´s again my friend.
    Gorgeous. Thanks for it.

    Have a lovely sunday sweetie. xoxo


  3. thank you, dearest….xo


  4. Beautiful photos….. love the stone angels. Not a lot of beach in that top picture….. very interesting place! Yes… prayers for Suz…


  5. More wonderful angels. Ho I love them!


  6. Beautiful images Patty. Shame there are so many thoughtless vandals about.


  7. Dear Patty, they are so beautiful, thankyou again for sharing,from your wonderful visit,
    And yes ,dear Suz, and her daughter and family are in my thoughts, in this so difficult time.


  8. More beautiful shots Patty….thanks. Hope you had a wonderful Sunday….here is to a happy new week ahead………..


  9. Oh, Patty,
    You are so sweet. Thank you so much for the beautiful angels and the kind message for me and my family. We have really had a very warm, rich experience with the service last night. I will blog more about it. You know how much I love angels. I am so touched!
    Love you, dear heart!


  10. These are simply gorgeous and somehow a bit ethereal, especially the one with the hand that is still in place. The last two are the most stunning, with their wings still intact, Stunning, as always.


  11. Absolutely stunning images, thank you so much for sharing these with us. It must have been quite an experience to visit and soak up the atmosphere in this beautiful resting place.
    Thank you again Jaqi x


  12. Stunning pix, Patty. I have borrowed two of the angels for future use on my blog. Thanks so much.


  13. more stunning pics-thank you so much for sharing them-boy, aren’t we lucky to now have digital cameras instead of carrying and developing film-could you imagine??


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