Grandma’s Garden Tea …

“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.” ~William Morris

Cutter Quilts

thanks to a friend for including me on a recent shopping excursion to give some well loved quilts a good home (we cut them each in half)…

Dandelion T

the Grandma’s Garden quilt pattern is a favorite of mine…

Grandma's Garden T

our garden continues to delight with its parade of blooms…

Mr Magpie's dozen rocks

Mr Magpie surprised me with a handful of precious rocks the other day…

Mr Magpie's dozen rocks (1)

 as good as a dozen roses in my book…

Wild Violets

here’s wishing you an especially lovely day…

Look deep into nature...

29 responses to “Grandma’s Garden Tea …

  1. Colorful patterns in the quilts, beautiful flowers, nature’s rocks, lovely settings…….thank you for starting my day so beautifully! xxoo


  2. Mr. Magpie is a man after my own heart…rocks and a BONE fragment.
    Lovely man.


  3. Oh wow. My grandmother made quilts like that. What beauties. And all hand quilted, too. Seems that was the norm back then.

    Of course, I adore your garden blooms. Such beauty and color.

    I got a laugh out of the “handed” you some rocks. Too funny. Although I’m not sure it was meant to be a pun, I took it that way. Yep, I have a warped mind (grin).

    Happy Tea on Tuesday, dear.


  4. I have my baby quilts made by greatgrandmother and grandmother. Little Dutch girl pattern. You’ve seen the other rescued old quilt I use on dining table. All other quilts are of my making…too many to count.


  5. that Mr. Magpie has got it going on! your garden tea is wonderful, the quilt is so lovely and inviting… always fun to stop by your place for a cuppa! xoxo


  6. a+m+a+z+i+n+g

    PATTY! what a fab spring post!

    have a good week!


  7. Beautiful quilts! I keep kicking myself for getting rid of my old favorite quilt from my childhood. It was thread bare, holey and faded…but oh so soft. It would have been a perfect “cutter” quilt for other projects.
    Happy Tuesday!


  8. I also am quite smitten with these old quilts too and have been growing my little collection recently. Your treasures are quite lovely!


  9. I adore the milk glass hands and your rocks have as much variety of color as your beautiful blooms. Have a wonderful afternoon Patty. xoxo


  10. 9It makes a lovely backdrop but I have to admit that I flinched when I read that you cut them in half – all that history!


  11. I so admire those old quilts , worn and maybe even tattered ,-they are truly treasures ,today! they are not comon to find in DK, so I almost never see one here, You must be so happy to have been able to -with your friend- purchase so many beautiful quilts.
    The one shown on your table is just wonderful, dear Patty, together with the flowers from your garden, and the rocks from your dear husbond!
    Hugs from Denmark- love,Dorthe


  12. Your posts always get me off to a good start each day Patty..5 am here.


  13. Beautiful quilts, how brave to cut them in half to share … I could never cut them, I’d rather give them away complete! And Mr Magpie really knows how to woo a girl (lol) … the stones and the bone fragment are truly interesting, so many things you can do with them … have a lovely evening, Petra. x


  14. I, too, could never cut a quilt in half or make garments out of them. They were hand pieced and quilted by someone who loved color and pattern.


  15. I love your old quilts – what a find! and how fun to have a friend to share them with – I wonder what you each will make with them 🙂


  16. Wow gorgeous quilts, brings back memories of sleeping under them years ago :):), and shared with your friend how special. A paradise of blooms sounds fabulous.. Speaking of special, how sweet and adorable is that Mister Magpie. wishing you and that Special Mister a wonderful day and thanks for sharing…


  17. As a quilt collector, cutting in half grabbed me at the gut, but really, they are no good unless they are being used, whether it is on a table or in some other way. Many of my oldies are looking a lot older since they came into my care because I use them on my bed, and two of the three cats in my life had claws. (And Ms. L. Cosette knows how to use them!) I know I should take them off, but I can’t — which I suppose is the same as dividing them in two!

    I think all of us are a little bit in love with Mr. Magpie. I’m just saying, don’t let him loose around your bloggies!


  18. I love your gorgeous connection with nature! Even the pattern in the quilts and the colors echo nature also…we learn everything from her! Hugs!


  19. I love those quilts!


  20. oh a girl after my own heart…i love a rocky gift…beautiful things happening all around at your house…can’t wait for some blooms here…they are trying but so far, just the very hardiest…xo your granny quilt-tea too!


  21. agreed! those rocks are super!! I love all the variety of blooms on your table each in there own little glass.


  22. How lovely to spend time with friends. Your garden must be stunning with all the different varieties of flowers. Dxx


  23. the blossoms… the rocks… nature really provides the best treasures!


  24. Finding old tattered quilts is always a joy! People like us can give them a second life…. and being able to cut some to share with a friend is truly a blessing! I know the makers would love to see their work continue to bless others rather than stay stuck in a box or stack. Great post! I was out of town for two days and I guess I got behind on here!


  25. Karen Hess

    Beautiful quilt, beautiful pebbles, beautiful man! Lucky lady, sweet Patty!


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  28. eifelwicht

    Patty, I have to tell you that I really LOVE your blog. Not only that you are a fantastic art journaler, no, you are also an exeptionally gifted photographer, decorator and guardian of stories of the old days. What a wonderful mixture!


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