Mandala Monday: Thank you Mother Nature

thrilled by our new passion vine’s first blooms in these hot lazy days of summer…

stages of Passiflora Incense Purple

with many thanks again to dear Lina

Passion Flower back view

everything about these exotic flowers is WOW including their delicate fragrance…

Passiflora Passion Flower

last year’s vine has started blooming too…

Passiflora Passion Flower (1)

 I found a very interesting link after preparing this post with lots more to know about “Passionflower: The Sacred Symbol”

Passiflora Passion Flower (2)

interesting that the article likened them to mandalas as that is exactly what I felt about them…

Passiflora Passion Flower (3)can you believe each bloom stays open for just one day…

Passion Flower collage

joining Dawn for her Mandala Monday again this week…

Passion Flower vine from Lina

♥ thank you very much for your visit ♥

John Muir Nature Quote

22 responses to “Mandala Monday: Thank you Mother Nature

  1. What a clever mandala entry. I like how you displayed the single flower, too. Clever use of your dishes. Originally, I thought the next to the last photo was digitally altered, then realized you don’t do that. That’s when I got a closer look at how you showed us the life cycle of a passion flower. Amazing, as usual.


  2. Passion flowers are amazing. Between those and the lotus flower; structurally brilliant pieces of natural engineering. Happy Mandala Monday to you Patty!!


  3. Beautiful post. What a perfect flower for Mandala Monday – gorgeous Patty! I love the nature quote, too! xxoo


  4. I have passion flowers in my yard, too! But only the red and purple. I love that cream/light green colored one. I’ve always loved the intricately extravagant look of passion flowers. And the way you displayed a single blossom in a plain bowl on a beautiful piece of china is just perfect.


  5. Those blooms are amazing!! I can’t get over all the intricate parts and how different they look from most any flower I’ve ever seen.


  6. Such a beautiful Passion Flower. The vine one is more commonly seen over here. Love your image with the John Muir quote too.


  7. Perfect! Exotics are a weakness of mine, dear Patty ~ how lucky you are to have success growing this beautiful vine. Night blooming cereus are our “once and done” blooms in the desert. We love watching for them. Thank you for sharing your most beautiful pictures ~ enjoy your blooms and the fragrance! Have a beautiful week, dear friend. xoxo


  8. Beautiful!!! I love these amazing flowers too. ~Sophia


  9. Beautiful, Patty, in every day. I love the detail of all the petals and stamens!


  10. what an amazing post! Wonderful Patty!


  11. what a stunning flower-magnificent photos Patty! I think I need to look into growing one next year 🙂


  12. Yes, I love this flower. It really looks like it would be tasty!!!


  13. So wonderful flowers and photos!


  14. They are gorgeous flowers…so’s the fruit. I’d give anything for a hot, lazy day. It’s been raining and cold here.


  15. Thank you for showing us the power and beauty of nature, it holds so many secrets! I always love your posts sweet Patty! Hugs!


  16. the queen of beautiful natures mandalas goes to PATTY 🙂


  17. inanoctopusgarden

    This is a favorite of mine too…when living in FL we had a vine that was jungle like! Sadly I had to leave it behind but to know that you are growing it here I may try again. They are a magical curiosity!


  18. Thanks for popping over for T – your Loti images are stunning… Have a great week Mxx


  19. Ah my DS favorite flower, she had one blooming when I last visited,so I gor to see it in person, I loooove those way frilly petals, it looks magical doesn’t it, it looks fabulous all on it’s own with that gorgeous plate, just stunning, thanks for sharing this special beauty…


  20. Oh my word, does it get more special than this?!
    It is rather poignant that something which holds such beauty within it merely blooms for one day.
    Sometimes, unfortunately, when visiting Blogs it can be rather frentic, to view as many as blogs as possible (I am drastically limiting my on-line time these days) yet when I visit you dear Patty I sense a difference within myselfr, really stopping to absorb all the little details of the photography you share with us.


  21. So lovely, wonderful fotos dear Patty. I live them all. Good for meditation.
    Mother Nature blessed us richly, and you have the gift to see it and show it to us with your fotos. Thanks a lot.


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