Dutch Treat…

sometimes I like coffee and sometimes I like tea…

Dutch  Wafer Treat (5)

this caramel wafer treat called for a nice hot cup of coffee (decaf today)…

Dutch  Wafer Treat (1)

the steam helps soften the Dutch Stroopwafel making for a delicious sweet treat…

Dutch  Wafer Treat (4)

here’s wishing you a Happy T day 

♥ I will be enjoying some healing Acupuncture ♥

28 responses to “Dutch Treat…

  1. Looks delicious, although I couldn’t cope with decaf 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness. I’ve had those wafer cookies before and they are fantastic. I love the hint to steam them to soften. I’m with Maggi, though. Drinking decaf is too unleaded for me.

    Have fun at the acupuncturist. I hope it’s nothing serious, since needles scare me more than pain.

    Happy T today, too.

  3. I had one of those once–can’t even remember where. Even though it was a long time ago, I remember how wonderful they were. Happy T-Tuesday! 🙂

  4. Beautiful post, as always. enjoy your acupuncture. . . It always leaves me so relaxed. even more than a good massage.

  5. What a way to start my day – I too am having coffee but without a sweet treat or such a gorgeous flower. But we have a lot of windows and i am surrounded by wonderful woods and a mountain view.

  6. Sounds wonderful! The perfect way to relax and recharge. I hope the acupuncture is not for something too bad. Take care and be healed! – Amy 🙂

  7. i think that blue patterned plate is just beautiful!

  8. Beautiful setting! Happy T day. Hugs

  9. Enjoy!!! 🙂 Have a wonderful day Patty!!! ~Sophia

  10. I’m both a coffee and tea drinker too, but first thing in the AM it has to be good, strong coffee for me. I’m sure your acupuncture treatment will make you feel much better. Happy healing thoughts coming your way.

  11. What a yummy way to start your day. I like the mug and the steam! Pretty dishes and view as always from your garden. Hope your day is good to you.

  12. Lovely! Happy T to you, too!

  13. UHHMMMMM Patty, that looks yummy, and I love a cup of caffe latte now and then..—the latte because I`m getting itchings all over, from the stronger coffee !!
    Love those vaffers, too they are so delicious…
    For tonight I am to have a fresly picked bowl with blackberry -,they grow all over our property -(the wild part of it ) and am fairly big,- and wonderful with milk and a little cream .
    Happy day dear friend,- —gues what !!! my computer is home again , cleaned and well functioning again !!
    Love from Dorthe

  14. We have vanilla wafer cookies just like that & I never thought of letting the steam soften them…maybe enough to roll them with ice cream inside?! Happy T day!

  15. I’ve never had one of those caramel wafer treats but it sounds scrumptious! I just love that white passion flower! And the bowl it is resting in is such a perfect complement to it. Hope the acupuncture left you feeling wonderful!

  16. That wafer looks yummy. I think I’ve seen something like that at World Market. I’ll have to keep my eyes open.
    Happy Tuesday!

  17. Stroopwaffles! Yay! Dh used to bring them home when he was working in the Netherlands… I love them! Never thought to warm them up on top of my coffee… but then they didn’t seem to hang about for very long… LOL

  18. Yeah, that is soooooo lecker. Stroopwaffeln, ich liebe sie

  19. Looks like a very delicious wafer Patty!
    Not sure if we can get them here – I’ll try and suss them out.
    Oh bliss – acupuncture, hope you feel the benefits too.
    Shane xox

  20. Happy T day to you! I hope the acupuncture is successful. I’ve not known anyone who has used it before.

  21. Your photos are a joy to view…I am a lover of anything glass, so I really enjoy your assortment of cups and dishes! Also, your mandala in the previous post is gorgeous!

  22. This week I’m hoping to get back to blog reading and commenting. An injured leg and stomach virus sidelined me a bit I’m afraid! I enjoyed catching up today, especially these wonderful photos and your completed art journal from last week.

  23. oh yes!! that does sound very lovely!! Nice mug too!! and the bisciut fits just right, almost, you’d have to nibble a bit off so you could dunk it!
    ((Lyn)) Happy late T time!

  24. That’s a BIG mug! No wonder you need decaf!!!! hahahaha

  25. I’m all for decaf coffee. One word for your post… YUM!
    It’s hotter than HECK here today, but coffee and a caramel wafer sounds so good…

  26. Loooove your coffee cup, I too like coffee sometimes, a beautiful way to have it a perfect setting and lovey dishes hope you had a great day.. Im enjoying my cup of tea, cheers to you..

  27. Hi Maggi,
    I am attempting to go round all the T for Tuesday and WOYWW commenters that I haven’t caught up with for two weeks now, and I have a whole lot of catching up to do!

    I don’t drink coffee, and I couldn’t eat the wafer but it sounds very interesting. I love your floating flower too, and hope you enjoyed accupuncture.

    Cazzy x

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