a return to Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive

traveling tea cup in SF

we brought our traveling tea cup along on our visit to California last month…

Japanese Garden Tea Timeon day two in San Francisco we made time to sit and enjoy some Jasmine tea and treats at the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park…

Japanese Tea Garden

which is always a favorite spot of ours

Pagoda Wisteria

it is compact enough that there is time to stroll and feel like you have taken it all in…

O'Keefe at the deYoung

 on this day we also had tickets for the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit at the nearby de Young Museum which was great…

deYoung and views

we try to never miss a chance to take in the views of San Francisco from the ninth floor of the de Young observation deck…

across from deYoung

there is a really nice park area across the street with seating for outdoor performances…

Easter leaving the farm

while the tea cup didn’t make it into all that many photos on our  trip it was right there traveling with us…

Colin and the sea lions at Ft Ross beach(our youngest son is quite the climber and adventurer and here he is exploring the rocky Pacific coast … to the right you can see a mother sea lion and her pup)

here’s wishing you a very Happy T Day along with everyone else over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard’s



33 responses to “a return to Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive

  1. Always a joy to see your wonderful photos…love them all! what a peaceful and serene Japanese garden, so beautiful. Great photo of your son on the rocks by the ocean-looks like he is a fun guy! envying your visit to see O’Keeffe’s work…

  2. thx for all those pictures! they are so beautiful! i feel like you took me with you 🙂

  3. So fun to travel with you and the teacup on your journeys. It’s really a fun way to see the world through your eyes.

    That Japanese Tea Garden reminds me of our Botanical Gardens. Not much acreage, but so many winding paths, you feel that you get a big adventure. Loved the photos of it, too.

    My thoughts on the Observation deck when I saw the photo was I would hate to be there if the fault line in and around San Francisco opened and caused a massive catastrophe.

    Thanks for sharing these lovely photos of Tea and other adventures this T Tuesday.

  4. A treat for the senses…love the photos. Happy Tuesday!

  5. Thanks for sharing your wonderful travel photos, Patty. I love the collages of them you put together. Such a lucky teacup it is to see the wonders of the world!
    Happy T-Day!
    SSG #1

  6. Love to see that travelling tea cup 🙂 I do love the blue mugs though! They have an interesting shape. I’m all about wrapping my hands around my teacup, lol.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, LOVE Japanese gardens!
    Happy Tuesday 🙂

  7. sparkledaysstudio

    Oh the museum looks fabulous and what views, no wonder you wanted to see from there. Lovely. xox

  8. OOOOOH! AAAAH! LOVE the bay area.
    Happy T-day

  9. Thank you for taking us along on your beautiful adventure. The buildings are magnificent, and I do love watching seal pups at play! I’d have to be super imposed on that rock to get a photo like your son did”). And a Georgia O ‘Keefe exhibit-well, that was the icing on the cake! Happy T day to you my friend.

  10. amazing impressions dear Patty! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Wow!!! As always thank you for sharing such beautiful photos. I love seeing them 🙂 Your son sure is an adventurer!! ~Sophia

  12. Hello Patty! WOW, you have done it again this week, gorgeous pictures and places to see!! That last one is amazing and scary, no way could I climb out there like your son, he is brave!! But how cool to see those sea lions out there, YAY. Now where were you standing to get that picture??

    That first picture with the cups is so pretty and calm, love it.
    Thanks so much for letting us travel with your cup to see the beauty far away from here.
    Have a wonderful day and Happy T Day!

  13. Wonderful photos Patty, you visited some fabulous places! xxx

  14. Wonderful photos as always Patty!… I so love oriental gardens. Can you see that I’m quite green…I’ve NEVER seen one original Georgia O’Keefe, let alone a whole gallery.

  15. Gorgeous pictures! So many places I would like to see in person. Thanks for my armchair tour. Hugs

  16. Your exquisite eye always ensures the most gorgeous photos dear Patty.. Such lovely places.. We do plan on getting back to San Fran one day. I did manage to see the O’Keefe museum in Santa Fe.. Always amazed with her work! Xoxo

  17. hettiecraft

    What beautiful photos you have shared with us. You do go to such lovely places and that tea cup is so lucky.
    Thanks for visiting earlier.

  18. Patty thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. The last one rocks.

  19. We visited the park a few years ago when we were in CA. Not only is the tea garden beautiful, but there are so many architecturally gorgeous buildings there! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos!

  20. Your teacup is the luckiest of the bunch!! I adore Georgia — my favorite artist. What a treat to see that exhibit. I hope to visit her museum in Santa Fe one of these days. Happy T

  21. Sounds like you had a great holiday and so did your teacup!

  22. every time i come to your blog it seems you have traveled the world;) good for us as we have the joy of wonderful photos! enjoy life every day, you do it!!

  23. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos. The collage looks lovely. Is the first picture a painting or a photo? It looks amazing.

  24. inanoctopusgarden

    I am loving seeing all these CA photos – looks like you took advantage of a wonderful trip and didn’t miss much! That last photo is a great tie in to Mother’s day with your son and the mamma sealion and cub! xo Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  25. Such a wonderful sightings. Thanks for taking us along Patty!

  26. Thanks for taking me with you! Beautiful photos! xo

  27. Great photos! I went to Golden Gate Park once, but the Japanese tea garden was already closed for the day. I spent some time in the rose garden instead.

    How was the Georgia O’Keeffe show? That’s one that would pique my interest.

    Hope you had a Happy T Day!

  28. What a beautiful garden and I am so envious of your visit to the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition.

  29. Oh Patty so many lovely places you both have visited. My favourite is the wonderful Japanese Tea garden with the wonderful plants and the beautiful blue blossoms we call them “Blauregen”, that means “blue rain”. I love these japanese buildings, we have such a little grey stonehouse in our garden.
    Thank you for these wonderful fotos of your journey. Looking at these we make a little journey too.
    Dear Greetings

  30. You and Jim have such lovely adventures…you are an inspiration 🙂
    Beautiful photos….wonderful memories I’m sure. xx

  31. So much beauty and oh how I would have loved tickets to that exhibition!
    A great photograph of your son.
    All your travel logs deserves to be compiled into one beautiful book.

  32. Such beauty in your photos dear Patty… they tell such a story… fabulous photo of your son… and the traveling tea cup… love it…

    Jenny ♥

  33. So gorgeous! And love the picture of your son! You know I love SF and I love the gift you sent for my birthday! Ohhhh I need to email you! hee hee (got home from London last night)!!!!

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