Travel makes one modest…

before our trip last month when I should have/could have been packing I played with my tea cup art journal adding this page using one of my gelli prints as the background…

Magpie's Nest Ocean blue (1)bits of napkin and a postage stamp from my collection…

Magpie's Nest Ocean blue (2)

created my art journal page full of anticipation…

Magpie's Nest Ocean blue

little did I know then just how blue and stunning the water … sky and beaches of Turks & Caicos would be…

Magpie's Nest TCI sea fan

I printed out one of the photos that Mr Magpie took of me with my traveling parasol on a secluded beach on Middle Caicos Island

Travel makes one modest...

adding highlights and layers that are a bit tricky to show…

Travel makes one modest... (2)

using various acrylic paints and pens for the layers (including a little aqua gelato)…

Travel makes one modest... (1)

a favorite quote from Gustave Flaubert “Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” speaks for me…

Magpie's Nest Patty Szymkowicz Travel makes one modest

23 responses to “Travel makes one modest…

  1. This is so beautiful, love the colours, too, makes me want to see the sea! Hugs,Valerie


  2. Lovely colours, pretty parasol……great legs.


  3. Gorgeous dear Patty… looks amazing!


  4. oh this little book is so lovely! adore both the pages and would love to see the finished book…brilliant blues and sunshine! gorgeous!


  5. Have there ever been two more delightful cardboard teacups?
    Both have the colours of your holiday photos.
    As before, I love seeing your supplies – acrylic ink, gelatos – lovely.


  6. Your teacup cards are so good. I love the one with you and your nice umbrella the most,very good design.
    Dearest Greetings
    Sabine xox


  7. sparkledaysstudio

    Perfect representation of your trip. xox


  8. Be still my heart-not only a theme and colors I love-but this special photo you chose to use-it makes me SO happy. It really is an extraordinary shot, and along with the quote is so perfectly you.


  9. What a great photo of you with the parasol! Travel not only makes me feel modest, but also more appreciative of my home when I return even if the places I visit are fabulous..


  10. Wonderful tea cups Patty – the one of you on the beach is fantastic! You have lived a dream come true and I know you will go back one day.
    Sandy xx


  11. Great cupful!!!!!! Love the foil top on your paint.


  12. I was going to ask you what a Polar Block is, then did an internet (NOT google) search and learned it’s a nail buffer. I should probably get some of those for my nails and my art.

    That sea fan surprised me. The ones you showed with the tea cup were much smaller. I can see why you wouldn’t be able to bring them home.

    Of course, I actually came to see your art, and these cups are adorable. I still can’t figure out how you got the image on the cup and on the page, too. That was a mind bending photo (the one immediately below the sea fan).

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.


  13. Just beautiful!!! That’s somewhere I’d love to visit some day!
    Have a wonderful weekend Patty xxx


  14. You captured the blues perfectly! I always love sea/beach/water themed pieces! Happy Weekend Patty!


  15. Patty! I absolutely love that photo of you- Mr. was right on when he shot that! I remember looking at it in the other post and thinking what a great photo to advertise the resort! The serenity and calm of you with your parasol,- well- perfect photo and your teacup is the perfect spot for it!
    oh- I love the other cup as well! heehee
    happy weekend my friend! xoxo


  16. I love that photo. I actually prefer photos from behind like that a lot of times. They seem so wistful and natural.


  17. so wonderful in every way… and a great Quote, i agree…
    happy Weekend, the sun is giving us almost a summery day today here… very grateful!


  18. What a most lovely cup, with you dancing on the beach, with the traveling parasol, my dear. The water flowing “over you” is wonderfully made, and you will forever remember the special light from there, whenever looking at this sweet cup. I love the one showing the deep blue sea, aswell, and all its gifts !! Happy weekend dear Patty !
    Dorthe- OxO


  19. Wow, Patty, I so love that teacup featuring Mr Magpie’s photo of you with the parasol! It is magical! Just looking at it somehow makes me feel serene and tranquil! I love the one you made when you were thinking about the holiday and anticipating its delights too, which even exceeded your expectations! I have been enchanted by your Turks and Caichos posts, so much so that I’ve been on a little Google expedition to find out more about this paradise. Thank You once again Patty, for opening up a new world for me – love that Flaubert quotation! xxx


  20. Oh so beautiful. Looks like a wonderful place, and I love how you used that pretty picture and transformed it.


  21. What a wonderful project and how lucky you are to have traveled to such an inspiring location!


  22. Beautiful and creative.


  23. And you did this before? I’d say you can add prophecy to your list of talents! It certainly matches all the beauty of your trip!


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