a bright new year… show me happy days

ready or not…here we are…twenty ten is history and 2011 is full of promise…possibility and mystery

*with thanks to Lennie for that wonderful weathered clockface*

… my word for last year was PLAY

this year I have chosen


as my word …

here is the Merriam-Webster Definition which goes on and on … #5: is the definition that really speaks to me

1 obsolete : authoritative
2 a : worthy of acceptance or belief as conforming to or based on fact <paints an authentic picture of our society> b : conforming to an original so as to reproduce essential features <an authentic reproduction of a colonial farmhouse> c : made or done the same way as an original <authentic Mexican fare>
3: not false or imitation : real, actual <an authentic cockney accent>
4 a: of a church mode : ranging upward from the keynote — compare plagal 1 b of a cadence : progressing from the dominant chord to the tonic — compare plagal 2
5: true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character

…I still intend to Play…that is how creating always feels to me…a getting lost in the moment kind of release…my focus for this new year is to reach deeper and let more feelings flow into what I create…worrying less about how others might perceive it…I think I have been on this path…a new year is a chance to fine tune things…

I have started a January Visual Journal…6 x 9″…the December 2009 Art Journal I made was so satisfying…I missed doing that in 2010…time moves so quickly…
*photo taken on Labor Day 2010*

I am always captivated by the stonework on the US Botanic Garden building in Washington DC…

it is a most beautiful spot to visit any time of year…

I created a collage centered around a photograph… adding some pretty papers…a B-Line rubber stamp…a piece of cigar band and water soluble oil pastels…

“Behold, a bright new year set before you.  What would you make of it?” ~Alan Cohen

27 responses to “a bright new year… show me happy days

  1. As the year unfolds, may all of your hopes and desires be granted. “Authentic” is the perfect word for you, My Friend. You are, indeed, an original and your work personifies creativity and originality. Happy Happy New Year, Patty!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  2. Very inspirational post! From the clock face on the tree to the carving of the face you used in your collage ~ it presents a message of moving forward. Your visual journal plans are captivating.. hmm, I’m going to the art supply store later today.
    It is always good to have a friend along for the journey ~ thanks for taking us with you! Blessings, Katie


  3. Oh, my yes, dear. “Authentic” is very YOU. I, too, love stonework. We loved the stone in Prague and Croatia. The collage you made is charming!


  4. Authentic IS a great word for you! I’ll hold you accountable!


  5. o your card is beeeyoootiful!! looking forward to your journal pages! happy new year, dear patty


  6. Love your piece. I appreciate your description on what you did to create it. I love to understand and visually see the art from the artists. And architure and building design is something that always catches my eye too. Thanks for sharing.


  7. what a lovely word for 2011! Argh, I’ve procrastinated so much. I have no word nor prositions for the year D:

    lovely art-journal page. I see you use watercolor paper… nice, so do I for most of my work! Even if it’s not for actually using watercolors, it’s still a nice base for layers of paint 🙂


  8. Wonderful word Patty …. I think you got me going on thinking of a word a week or two ago when you mentioned it … Funny how inspiration naturally occurs 🙂

    I love the use of the stone face in your collage … Another inspiring thing to tuck away for future use

    Happy new year and authenticity ahead!


  9. A wonderfully promising word for the New Year but one which seems to fit so perfectly to you and your art. The collage is very true to the word you’ve chosen, it is so inspiring. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! I am so glad we met last year and I am looking forward to seeing you lots of times … at least in blog land (lol), Petra. x


  10. Love your word “authentic” and love the collage you created. I love the old, weathered look, it really speaks to me. xx


  11. What a wonderful creative start to the new year Patty, your first journal is wonderful…..ive started one too, 10mins each day i can find time so far so good, 2 days down LOL jenxo


  12. oooh this is a lovely page Patty!! Have Fun!!!


  13. Looks like you are off to a good start for the new year. I wish you a year filled with creativity and sparkling color.


  14. Love the word, a good choice. And love the post as well. Happy New year.


  15. This is beauitiful!


  16. Beautiful word you choose for this new year.
    The collage is beautiful, like the image you taken.


  17. Awesome choice for your word! I think picking one word would be harder for me than setting goals. I need something measurable to keep me focused I think.


  18. hi patty, i’ve missed visiting. i rushed right back this morning 😉 a great word, and it makes me think of you, so well chosen!

    happy new year!


  19. Wow, beautiful and what a great post and so much to see on your Blog again ;o)
    I wish you all the best for 2011 Patty!


  20. And yet again you give me the shivers dear soulsista! Your word lingered in my mind for quite some time as MY little word for 2011 (I choose “Awareness” instead…) I hope this year brings laughter and joy!


  21. What a great word, Patty! I think it is one that everyone should add to their list. And your newest collage….just love how you used a photo from your stash {and a great subject matter, I might add} to build upon. And that clockface from Lennie? That oughta put her in #1 BFF position forever and ever! What an awesome piece! Xo, Sue


  22. Love them all PAtty….curiousity killed the cat..WHO won yer giveaway?
    Peace, Annie


  23. Oh, dear, I’m having such trouble choosing a word. I’ve never done it before, and it seems like it should be just the right word. I’ve muddled through a hundred of them… But authentic — that’s a good one!

    And so is your work. I do love photographing sculpture. I keep thinking, You are taking this three dimensional thing and making it decidedly two dimensional. Nonetheless. Lovely work. As always! Happy new Year!


  24. This word is YOU. You have always been and always will be authentic in my view. As with your art, your photography, and your blog, everything you touch and see is authentic. Thanks for being such an authentic friend this year.


  25. Oh how awesome! I can’t wait to get back there and take some photos of all the old architecture and visit the cemetaries!!!!


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