passion for paper and more…

awhile ago I took a resin class with a friend and we made a couple of charms…

if you live in Northern Virginia that same friend is teaching a wonderful hand felted journal class here

when I got home I played some using bits of fabric and lace and more…

we used Sakura’s 3D Crystal Lacquer and I would still like to play with Ice Resin someday…

my origami dress collection keeps growing (can you believe it…I’ve started and can’t stop!)…

here I used some of my paint scraped book pages going international thanks to one of LaWendula’s Paper Swaps and some wonderful old German dictionary pages (and LOTS more wonderful swap treasures)

old maps are always a favorite ingredient (I made these watching Project Runway on TV)...

and here is a peek at what I won from the lovely Alicia of Altered Bits…

a wonderful array of vintage book pages and some of her super vintage images and more…

“Passion can transform the mind, body and spirit…
Passion can align you with the wisdom of nature and the power of what is in your heart.” ~JoLynne Valerie


31 responses to “passion for paper and more…

  1. I love the collection up top. It is fun to branch out into 3dimensional some times. Makes me want to pull out some dominoes . . .

  2. The resin pieces are so wonderful…great way to use those small random bits.
    All together cast in resin it’s brilliant. Love the little dresses too. Have yet to try them myself but have the video saved so I can. 🙂

  3. Wow! The charms are lovely and you really are going to town with those dresses. Very sweet! Congrats on winning that lovely lot of papery goodness. I know you will have lots of fun with it all. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. You dress maniac! I love the map ones!
    Resin classes sound fun…is it hard to keep the bubbles out of the finished product? It is a fun way to use those tiny images to make jewelry, tho!
    Wonder if I could resin the fence and it would go up faster?
    Have a great weekend, girl. Hope you are doing something relaxing!
    Jan xoxoxox

  5. Really beautiful charms Patty!! Your dreses continue to delight-tho I fear we made need to call a couture therapist for you :):) .Glad you have the Bretagne map and not me as I wouldn’t have the heart to tear it or use it-other than to map out a dream road trip. Happy weekend!

  6. those cute dresses… I can totally believe they are addicting 🙂

  7. Hello, my dear! Love all your creations! Very beautiful dresses and stunning charms!
    Hugs from Norway

  8. Delightful charms Patty. I need to make origami dresses…wonderful.

  9. what a great paper stash! lucky you! and the charms are great. xox

  10. Everything you touch is just magical! The charms are truly at the next level of special and I can’t wait to see those darling dresses in person. Love your happy productivity and thank you for your sweet mention of my needle felting class dear friend. xoxo

  11. Hello dear Patty,
    your charms looks so lovely, is that Crystal Laquer to use as Resin ?
    I will see the vidoe, but no time now 🙂 I love your bird piece !
    OH and your dresses, so wonderful -the map ones and your scrap painted paper ones are fantastic.
    I saw Alicia`s giveaway- you was lucky…so many goodies.
    Happy weekend-

  12. Fabulous charms and I’m in love with the little dresses! xxoo

  13. Yes! paper is a beautiful thing! and you got me making those dresses!
    Happy Weekend Patty! xo natalea

  14. Thanks for sharing all these pretty images, how lovely!

  15. what wonderful pendants! those are so pretty. fantastic job! and those dresses are absolutely adorable! the german text ones are my favorite. i can’t do origami to save my life — for some reason those instructions in books make my head turn to mush. it makes no sense to me at all (same with stitching instructions — i have to ask my husband to decipher). so glad you like your new papers. i know you will do amazing things with them! i see a medical page origami dress in your future. 😉 xx

  16. I love your little dresses. Stay creative my friend, have a lovely weekend! 🙂

  17. The resin charms are so cool. I need to do that…. inspired again. And your dresses……… at least I DID make a couple of them this week…gotta do some more. I just watched last night’s Project Runway. I love that show soooooo much!

  18. I just love stopping by your blog for a peek Patty…always full of beautiful inspiration…The resin pieces are fabulous…one thing I keep meaning to try out and have a play with!! . Just Love the little dresses too. You are soooo mega creative my friend!! x

  19. just beautiful patty!

  20. Patty – Your creations are breathtaking. I love the play on color/combinations that you selected for the art pieces too! The dresses are darling. It is a cool weekend here in Michigan – I have socks on! 🙂 But I’m loving it – have a wonderful weekend!

  21. Hello! I subscribe to your blog so I get your posts in my inbox, though I don’t often enough comment. I am currently taking an online workshop with Michael deMeng and the next segment is on ice resin! I’m excited! I’m also deeply grateful for your lovely comment on my post and would love to chat some time…
    Your charms are fabulous, btw, as are all your works of art!!

  22. stempelchaotin

    Patty your work is a dream.
    All what you do is inspiring for me and help me at my creativity.
    Your work is absolutely unique.
    Love them all Sweetie.


  23. Once again you’ve created wonderful pieces of art.

  24. Your charms are so unique and gorgeous Patty! And I just can’t get enough od seeing your pretty adorable looking dresses! Keep going!

  25. They all look fantastic, Have a great week dear Patty

  26. Patty your charms are prettier than anything that you could purchase and most importantly, they are unique to you. I am keen to play with Ice Resin also and might well consider it as something new to try in 2013.
    Talking of pretty, those adorable little dresses, they certainly do look very addictive but also very relaxing to sit and create whilst watching television.
    A wonderful post as always.

  27. Your resin charms are beautiful Patty. They remind me of vintage paperweights from Victorian days. Did the resin smell? I’m leery of epoxy resin cuz it’s so toxic ….

  28. Thank you Kimmie. It was completely odor free which is a good thing because I am very sensitive to smells. Sakura’s 3D Crystal Lacquer is labeled as Acid Free, Water based, and Non Toxic (much like Diamond Glaze) with no epoxy involved

  29. Your dresses are so sweet , I will try to make one !
    Love from ♥RINI♥

  30. Your little dresses are incredible, dear Patty! I love everything about them.

  31. This is tons of fun! Your quality and quantity of output simply staggers me! It’s all lovely!

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