Messenger of Hope

the blue background for my storm pages was a result of mixing too much paint for some journal pages back in October…

then I came across a good sized image of the lady in my art cave (sorry I do not know who to credit for the image)… 

scraps of paper, washi tape, rub ons, paints, white gel pen and some pressed roses that I embedded on the page under a thin layer of tissue with gel medium helped my pages come together…

the words “Messenger of Hope” were last to present themselves… 

“When the world says, ‘Give up’, Hope whispers, ‘Try it one more time.’” ~Anonymous


40 responses to “Messenger of Hope

  1. It´s an amzing composition Patty .. I adore it!

  2. just beautiful … so emotive.. xox

  3. Beautiful and serene pages Patty.

  4. Simply beautiful. Your art is breathtaking!

  5. Beautiful details in your pages offering a heartfelt message of hope. Love your woman’s face- so delicate and gentle- a wonderful blessing for today!

  6. Wow, that’s outstanding, so many wonderful details.

  7. Great composition. I love the little dove stamp and your message it’s very inspiring 🙂 Thanks for sharing Patty!

  8. beautiful and inspiring. i always enjoy looking for the little details in your work. and how all the details come together from so many different places. the crowned pigeon is endearing, it’s almost like every piece has their own story to share in addition to being part of the bigger story you present. thanks patty, another lovely page.

  9. An absolutely gorgeous way to cover any painting error you may have thought you created. I think it is beyond beautiful, personally.

  10. These pages are gorgeous, dear Patty.

  11. Your image, embellishments and wording all came together in such a beautiful and touching way Patty. Enjoy your afternoon! xoxo

  12. Really amazing pages great compostion, love all details you’ve combined and the soft look is admiring.
    xox Anja

  13. Those are beautiful pages – composition and color are wonderful!

  14. This came together, beautifully, Patty. I love the inclusion of the pressed roses, too. This is filled with hope and beauty. xxoo

  15. The extra blue paint , was meant to be there for this beautiful pages, my dear Patty-and looking fantastic with the little accents of rosa colours, which even are real roses- what a great idea to cover with a tissue piece, for them to saty safe. The bird looks like he is the messenger, bringing comfort and a sweet rose- Also the rose in Denmark stands for Jesus Christ, as he is referred to as the rose, in a danish hymn.
    It is truly a message of hope and love.

  16. Beautifully designed Patty, love the blue and the message.

  17. Oh I love them;o) x

  18. Absolutely stunning dear Patty… love the blue… the beautiful girl… the roses under tissue… and all the gorgeous embellishments… and your quote today… sigh… perfect…

    Jenny ♥

  19. very beautiful as always! makes me want to crack open the journal as we speak! xo

  20. Another beauty Patty! Love the colors and layers.

  21. When life presents trials and sufferings, it is then we learn to have hope, dream, and appreciate. So beautiful, Patty! I hear birds singing… 😀 Take care!

  22. Your page is beautiful, and so appropriate for the time. It is very moving, and I love all the elements and textures, like calm in the storm.

  23. Hello Patty,
    Ces pages dégagent une paix retrouvée après la tempête. Très belles couleurs de fond, j’aime beaucoup les roses pressées.

  24. Beautiful! Great storm pages!

  25. Great colors, texture and image of Lady!

  26. I love the beautiful blue shades and images. Perfection. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  27. This speaks of so much emotion.
    The flowers themselves are so hopefully and the look in the young woman’s eyes.
    Beautifully perfect.

  28. inanoctopusgarden

    wonderful sentiment with your art speaking volumns…I get a sense of happiness to look forward too …hope others do to.

  29. Absolutely beautiful!!! Love these pages!!!! ~Sophia

  30. your art is so thoughtful and filled with empathy for others. you are a dear!

  31. Your work is gorgeous, so full of interest and depth:)

  32. These are delightful, dear Patty!
    Fantastic pages. I love them.

  33. “Messenger of Hope” is perfect for your two pages Patty.
    I feel everything is in harmony on your pages, if only ‘the world’ could be like that.
    Beautiful with so much layering going on.
    Hope it’s all OK for you over there – we’re thinking of you all.
    Even if it hasn’t touched you, I’m sure you’ll know of someone it has.
    hugs and love
    Shane ♥

  34. stempelchaotin

    Wow Patty your work is a dream.
    Wonderful design and coloring.
    I´ve missed my words.
    Perfect in every way.
    Have a lovely new week Sweetie.

  35. Beautiful pages Patty, you inspire me to try things Mx

  36. oh what gorgeous pages dear Patty… and I love your quote!

  37. this spread is gorgeous! i love every detail on it!

  38. Patty! Your pages are awesome!!! I bought a couple of large books to start doing this, now where did I put those?

  39. Wonderful pages Patty…..the word ‘hope’ always inspires me. I am so glad you are ok 🙂 xxx

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