sunlight and flower petals…

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” ~Twyla Tharp

sunlight pgs side view

it has been a little while since I have gotten my hands into paint as I seem to have my camera in my hands this time of year snapping photos of the glorious Spring blooms arriving anew each day (sorry to all of my friends where Spring is long overdue!)…


wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do other than use some of my new dabber paints…

some supplies

using a page from a large print book I let a few words pop off the page at me and was inspired…

sunlight pages mid process

my camera was downstairs so there is only this one photograph of my pages just about completed after lots and lots of layers of paint and rubber stamping…

good stuffbeing recently inspired by a talented artist’s beautiful creativity I knew that my pages could use some of this leaf trim…

sunlight and flower petalsoften I find it good to step away from what I am creating for a bit…

gentle windsit is easier to see where things might be added or not…

sunlight spread

“Art is both creation and recreation.  Of the two ideas,  I think art as recreation or as sheer play of the human spirit is more important.” ~ Lin Yutang

31 responses to “sunlight and flower petals…

  1. Ooooh Patty, your pages are gorgous and so romantic.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  2. This is so beautiful & inspiring Patty! The ‘inspire-ee’ becomes the ‘inspire-er’! Lol! Sorry! Couldn’t resist! I love the way you used the pieces of book page, & the leafy ribbon is perfect!
    Our weather is just beginning to get more Spring-like thankfully, I have even been out without a coat a couple of times!
    Alison xxx

  3. So beautiful!! Large print book pages..brilliant! *slapping herself in the forehead*

  4. gorgeous!! just what i needed to see…you creating with pool, lettuce, aqua and lemonade….thank you!!! i love your meshy tab on the bottom right too…beautiful pages, dear patty!

  5. So much to see in these pages Patty. Love the leaf ribbon.

  6. Love, love, love that leaf ribbon. Oh, heck, I just love the whole thing. I need to get daubers. Those are awfully pretty colors!

  7. this spread makes me really happy Patty!
    What wonderful colors and what romance –the flair like in an artsy fartsy dream..
    won´t wake up!

    happy weekend to you and Mr Magpie!

  8. Swans, paint and drywall mesh- oh what lovely fun! I would love to sit with your journals for hours. Have a wonderful weekend Patty. xoxo

  9. Beautiful pages!!! I love the swans and vines with flowers!!! ~Sophia

  10. lovely and very inspiring… the leaf ribbon is sooo yum! xoxo

  11. love these pages…are the new dabbers better than the old – mine the paint got thick and had to be used with out the “dabber”
    your words you added are perfect – xo

  12. I love that leaf trim. I’ve had it in several colors……… but green is the best!!! Your pages are wonderful. Do you like the paint daubers? I’m heading to my art cave now……..

  13. Well, first of all dear heart I love the quotes! Secondly, your journal pages are SO fantastic with all the stamping and layers etc. And thirdly, I’d LOVE to see your art space after finishing these pages :):) I know 🙂

  14. just playing around gives us often the most loved creations. Your pages are fab Patty!

  15. I so love your pages Patty! All the textures and layers! Great use of stamps, too. The leaf trim is wonderful! xxoo

  16. Glorious journal spread! love the colors and the sentiment.

  17. Beautiful pages Patty – I love the swans heads too – and a large print book! I will definitely borrow that idea!

  18. I’m trying to get back to my paints, as well. Working with my camera just seems easier and less messy! I love the ducks.

  19. Beautiful spread Patty, fabby colours and I love the layers of stamps. Swan heads! yum Dxx

  20. beautiful springy pages patty and I love that leafy trim also…love how you cut some up separately too…

  21. Patty I’m missing words, these pages are fantastic.

  22. The most beautiful use of layers of paint creating artful pages that still have a delicate appearance to them. The words were definitely made for you to grab hold of and use in your art.
    That ribbon is a gorgeous addition.
    Wishes for a lovely weekend.

  23. Your pages are beautiful combinations of colors, lot of stamps and fantastic decorations.
    Dear Patty, I wish you a nice sunday,
    xox Anja

  24. Dear Patty – your blog is such a joyous place to visit! I love the journal pags you created ; so many beautiful layers and details. Love what you did with the leaf trim (thanks for the link to my blog and your kind words ).
    Spring has definitely sprung over there. Lovely to think of you enjoying Spring as we enjoy Autumn here in Australia. Love to you dear one x

  25. everything looks SO GORGEOUS here, i love every detail! thanks for sharing… i always get lots of inspiration here. i enjoy it!
    have a great sunday:)

  26. I love the large print book much easier to read on your page, must get one:):). All that beautiful stamping, love the spotches of black paint, that leaf ribbon I looooove. Perfect page my dear, hope your haveing a wonderful weekend, thanks for spreading the sunlight…

  27. I seem to be one of those who is still stuck in winter. Or at least it feels that way. But I love your spring inspired sunlight and flower petal pages.

    I got two dabbers a long time ago and hated them. I couldn’t make them work properly for me, so gave them to my friend Kathy. She seemed to have better luck than I had. And of course, it looks like you have mastered them, too. The colors you chose are so spring-like, too.

    Pages in books always make me happy. That first photo made my day!!

    Thanks for stopping by earlier in the week and wishing me a happy pre-birthday. That was so sweet of you.

  28. Your beautiful color palette really speaks “Spring,” Patty. I’m always intrigued with your artist’s eye and use of texture and materials to create enchanting works of art! Have a beautiful week, dear friend.

  29. How beautiful, dear Patty, just amazing with the swan heads in the bluest page,-and the painting with the dabbers looks fantastic- I love the black splasches and the lovely flowered bough- together with the wonderful words, fitting perfect here!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  30. I just love the pages and those paint dabbers look interesting. Your work is so beautiful.

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