keep moving forward…


Monoprint Red Rosin Heart Pages

even after all these years the changing of the seasons can throw me off balance…

Moving Forward journal pages (2)

the angel and heart sat for awhile on my monoprint pages waiting for words…

Moving Forward journal pages

at one time I knew what “Adagio” meant but had to look it up again…

Moving Forward art supplies (1)

I took the meaning of the randomly torn heart music paper as a gentle reminder for myself that it is alright that sometimes I am moving forward more slowly than I might like…

Moving Forward art supplies (2)and that everything is as it is meant to be…

Moving Forward journal pages (1)

“You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward. ” ~Conrad Hall


31 responses to “keep moving forward…

  1. This is such a beautiful post Patty with the marriage of your beautiful art and meaningful words. Gorgeous! Peace my dear friend! xxoo

  2. This is extraordinary! I have some issues from the past that I’ve been grappling with and lately I thought I’d gone backward rather than forward. But today, through a talk I had with someone, I realized I’ve been making progress all along. You know, Patty, sometimes we are moving forward more even than we realize. I love the art on your post today and it really chimed with me too. Since April when I started blogging, coming to visit artists like yourself and my other new blog friends has introduced a whole new level of richness to my life. Thank you. Blessings to you as you progress through the days, may there be inspiration and something beautiful to see in every one of them. Julie Ann xx

  3. It’s absolutely true Patty, and beautifully expressed. I recognise that angel from your photos.

  4. Serenity is evoked from the pages before me, a serenity that tells me and I am sure others, to stop a moment, take stock and to realise that it is true that even during times when we feel as though we are not moving or moving backwards, that we are moving forwards no matter that the pace may be slower than we would wish for ourselves.
    As has happened in the past, I see once again that you have touched upon what is in my inner thoughts.
    Beautiful quote for a beautiful and thoughtful post with art that speaks to, I believe all of us on some level.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    P.S. The heart is glorious!

  5. you move forward with beauty and creativity… though I do understand the slow part. your art has such depth and grace – thanks for sharing – xoxo

  6. Such wisdom and beauty on your pages. A timely reminder. Thank you.

  7. It’s a fantastic page. The heart is fantastic!
    Sabine from Berlin

  8. inanoctopusgarden

    I’ve been thrown off cilter (sp?!) this week too…it felt wierd…trying for a comeback. This page is so sweet and gentle maybe it’s the gentle nudge I need:) Is that the redpaper you posted about used for your pages?
    I could just stare at this spread all day!

  9. Despite its stilness the statue and the pages express perfectly the sentiment. Beautiful, Patty!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. What I love here the most, my friend, is “everything is as it is meant to be.”

    As always, your art is beautiful — that goes without saying (although you’ve just gotta say it when it’s so perfect!

    But in this post, it is your words that touch such a harmonious chord. Sometimes, when we are very lucky, we let our art wait for us, until the perfect inspiration lands. It may take time but when it does, it’s right. And this is very, very right.

  11. Beautiful pages Patty!!! I love the sheet music for the heart. The angel is perfect 🙂 I love your post. It rings so true. Beautiful words so eloquently put. Have a wonderful weekend!! ~Sophia

  12. Lovely thoughts as we move forward. Beautiful…as always… 😀 Take care and I’m wishing you the best of weekends. – Amy 😀

  13. Patty, dear friend,- you touched my heart,–like many others– again today, with your so beautiful words and thoughts … I have felt myself, also to walk slowly, to try keep the moment, and to feel content with what is, and not stress after doing more, which is not inside me, just now!!
    Thank you for giving it words, and beautiful pages to walk with!! Your angel page is amazing and the heart a wonderful, gorgeous piece.
    Hugs and warm thoughts, Dorthe

  14. Beautifully said……… I feel very centered now after reading it. Glad you are back.

  15. wonderful dear Patty…amazing!
    but one thing is not right here…
    look at the last quote :

    “””in collaging and composition you are a great master – not a student!”””

    happy weekend to you and Mr. Magpie!

  16. So beautiful…I love this spread Patty!
    Wishing you a creative weekend,
    Alison xxx

  17. wow patty,your page its amazing,love the colors and the heart,very,very beautiful composition,you are a great master of juornals.

    wishing you a great weekend,greetings jeannette

  18. I truly understand , I have been feeling similar lately , hoping to move forward maybe too quickly. I keep telling myself “all is well, and as it should be at this time” . Beautiful post dear one 🙂

  19. I don’t know which is worse – the change of season or the time change. Both wreak havoc with my equilibrium. I hate winter, so this time of year is always a complete downer for me. At least there’s one positive thing – more time to cocoon and create!

  20. Beautiful Patty. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  21. sending you warm thoughts and hugs across the miles ….

  22. I tend to get stuck in a rut and need to move forward in lots of areas of my life….your pages are beautiful ……..happy weekend to you and yours 🙂

  23. Beautiful art as always. It is good to move forward slowly, especially as the seasons change as it gives us time to really appreciate what is going on around us.

  24. Gorgeous and well spoken.
    Always learning always curious, that is the way to stay young.
    I love the angel in your second photo so much, very beautiful.

  25. let alone that background is a masterpiece! and we should keep in mind that slow is not bad… some things just can not grow fast, they take their time. and your spread is a gorgeous one!!

  26. always trying to stay focused and centered and feeling I am moving a bit slower all the time, but it feels right, and so does your page, just perfect….and so beautiful!

  27. Well my dear Miss Patty, off balance or not, your wonderful creativity never leaves you, glorious page, singing with love, deep knowledge, yes you are where you were meant to be and again we are blessed with that, thanks for touching all of our hearts, (((( BIG HUGS ))))…
    Hope you and Mr Magpie have a wonderful weekend..

  28. I see you pulled out your cigar boxes to help embellish this spread, as well as the angel. Beautiful, as always.

    My excuse for being late to visit: i spent both yesterday and today cleaning my yard, both back and front, clipping bushes, mowing, bringing in a couple of herbs I want to save, and putting my chiminea away. I read that we are in for a big chill, which may already be in your area. I suspect that you and Mr. M. already have winterized your yard, though.

  29. Wonderful colours and composition. You are amazing my friend.
    Lets agree to go slowly…. its all I can manage 😉

  30. Wow, that’s a breathtaking spread – really fantastic.

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