Red Rosin Paper Book Pages…

my friend Michelle showed me a wonderful and inspiring book she made using Red Rosin Paper as the substrate…

Red Rosin Paper

the paper comes in a large roll very reasonably priced at most  hardware stores as it has various uses in construction…

Red Rosin Paper (1)

I coated my torn pages with white gesso which gives the paper a rich and lovely canvas feel (no photo of that stage because I was covered in gesso and driven to coat and dry both sides of the rosin paper)

Red Rosin  Monoprint pagesmonoprinting on both sides of the gessoed Red Rosin Paper using my homemade gelatin plate (thanks again to Elizabeth for the tip about reboiling it every 5-6 weeks to keep it from getting moldy or slimey)…

Melting gelatinit has been working like a charm in a dedicated pot that I have only used for that purpose on and off for over a year now…

4 inch and 6 inch gelatin rounds

while I was at it I could not help but get VERY excited about the inspiring video Gelli Arts recently shared here (today is the last day to enter their wonderful and generous giveaway!) using their new ROUND Gelli plate (Fabulous !!!) so I thought I would try making a couple of rounds (4 and 6 inch)…

Monoprints from round gelli plate

even with all of the wonderful inspiration out there I seem to always fall back into my favorite way of monoprinting that doesn’t require much thought for me at all (I printed on both sides of some recycled printer paper while playing with my homemade round gelatin plates)

six inch gelatin for monoprintingbefore I knew it more than a couple of hours had passed and while I created nothing like on the Gelli Arts video I was very happy (as it happened I used pretty much the same paint colors that I had used days before for my gessoed red rosin pages)

new smaller gelli plate

my book pages were done on a rectangular shaped gelatin plate made in the tin foil pan above which over time has now shrunk to a smaller 5.5 x 9.5 inch size (back when my homemade gelatin plate was new it filled two of the smaller plastic containers like the one above or one metal cake pan)

Fern the elephant (1)

here are my first collaged pages in my new book…

Fern the elephant (2)

which I will stitch together after the pages are filled…

Fern the elephant

I used snippets of things that were close at hand including some “map” washi paper, book text, torn pieces of monoprint paper and the elephant which was cut from a magazine…

Before Elephant pages

 I started at the back of my book on the pages above and am happy with the transformation already taking place even though I have no specific theme picked out

♥ just creating with what comes ♥

36 responses to “Red Rosin Paper Book Pages…

  1. Joyce, This is a fun way to use gelli prints. I have plenty of Rosin paper if you want to use some! I’m going to gather and cut paper to take to ABQ today as well as move some of the art papers back down (no wasted trips) Really dragging around here. Would like to curl up and draw or sew. Need to gather Glennda’s Christmas present so I can wrap and take with. She is starting watercolor again so I’m making a kit. We started out together in 1977! The pan pastels are enroute. Have a fun day. V

  2. Wonderful results and I so admire your home made gelli plates. Good tip about re-heating them too.

  3. I love what you’ve done but I have no idea what red rosin paper is so I’m off to find out!

  4. I really need to try that gelatin plate thing…spoken like a non artist….and would you believe I have a huge roll of that paper?! I bought it at Menards about 4 years ago and have not used it. I just bought it because it looked like it had potential. Now, I know one way to use it! I do have gesso (have never used it either, ha)

  5. Your gelatin plates are working wonders.. I have an 8″ x 10″ one that I’ve only had a little practice on. I must make time to do more. Am off to find some red rosin paper.

  6. wonderful results Patty.. I also saw the new round plate video and found it very inspiring.. it´s the same to me.. I see something – want to try it out and get a completely other thing as shown..
    but most of the time I love this and don#t worry about – I love to
    I don´t know what this paper is.. but this fact makes me happy .. I have to much papers here to work with… oh my gosh.. to much inspiration around!

    I think this new book is going to be another new treasure!
    Looking forward to all the next pages waiting for me to look at!

  7. You really do magic with your gelatin plate. I’m in awe 🙂

  8. Dearest Patty,
    your printing alwayes makes me admire you work so much, I love your water colours and all your beautiful patterns used.. And then I admire you can keeo your homemade gelli plate working for so long! I have not used my purchased one much..- so much to think about here for this fall,-my shop, and health problems!!! But I so admire your pages in your new book, they are so wonderful textured and beautiful images.
    Hugs to you,
    Dorthe xoxoxo

  9. oh goodness! you have been busy! i love your round gelatin plates…i enjoy that roundness too…i love your pages, especially that wonderful elephant silhouette…and you know i love your blues & greens…xo

  10. Hello Miss Patty,I just googled it and they sell it at home depot, kooooool..
    what a fabulous transformation, and a home made gelli plate, oh my I can’t wait to make one..
    Those pages are GORGEOUSSSS just plain, beautiful photo’s too, and your way of creating the pages is PERFECT , it’s all part of your process. getting the inspiration, helps us interpret it into our vision. Miss Magpie, your results are just as beautiful and creative as in any video.. WHOOT, WHOOT, your new pages are superb, I could mention every thing I love butttt, that would be much to long of a post, so I’ll just say they are superb, love all your tid bits,your art makes this world a better place. So Miss Magpie you just keep creating where ever it takes you and we will come along your wonderful journey, thanks so much for sharing it with us, hope you have a wonderful day, (((( BIG HUGS ))))..

  11. Wow…you are so clever Patty…and home made gelli plates.. I’m impressed!!..and such stunning results..Love your collaged pages 🙂

  12. What a great idea to make a homemade round one. I have the regular gelli plate and thought a round one might be fun sometimes but didn’t want to go to the expense of a second plate. As always, your pages are looking great! Can’t wait to see where you go with this book!

  13. Such a fabulous project.

  14. I love these beautiful pages, they have a magical quality like an ancient palimpsest! Julie Ann xx

  15. These pages are stunning Patty! xxoo

  16. Another learning curve for me Patty – never heard of red rosin paper. Must go on a quest….

  17. no, I have no idea either… (what it is!) but it all looks fabulous and of course i wanna have a go! Lovely pages!

  18. I am so excited to see this, Patty. I am taking a gelli class in November from kari McKnight Holbrook and will be ordering my plate this week. I can hardly wait for it to arrive — you have inspired me so very much! I can’t wait to play! I’ll try some of this resin paper. And your book (as always) is absolutely gorgeous!

  19. i enjoyed this post so much… thanks for all the info here!!
    and your spread is beyond divine!! love the elephant silhouette and the fern book ripping, gorgeous textures everywhere!!!

  20. Your post touched my heart. First, red rosin paper is something I like to use a lot. In fact, it’s what I lay down on my craft table. It’s always fun when I remove the well used paper to see what I get. I can’t plan anything better than what these random strokes and bits of paint provide.

    Second, the first time I made gelatin, my friend Kathy made a container of gelatin, too. But hers was ROUND. She had seen a quilt in the QA magazine and wanted to replicate it. So you can see how excited I got when I read your post.

  21. Wonderful gelli plate results. You be lucky that get all the wonderful things in your country, germany is for stampers a waste! All we must bye in other countries:-(
    Your pages are so creative, I love them both and the turquoise harmonious colour gradient.
    Big hugs Anja

  22. really like your pages..never heard of roisin paper..they will look fab stitched together..perhaps with off white crochet thread

  23. So gorgeous!!! I like the idea of stitching them together, too!!!!

  24. Forgot to say………… love, love, love the elephant image!

  25. great color and textures.. just beautiful…

  26. oh wow, the layers came together so beautifully! i like how the smiley face like a moon seems to be looking over the elephant and travellers.

  27. Ooh! You’ve created some wonderful mono-prints Patty, & your pages are simply beautiful! I love the elephant silhouette. Funnily enough, I was watching a movie featuring elephants this afternoon :o)
    Alison xxx

  28. I need to track down this paper as it looks amazing and I love to use papers from around the home and suchlike (I have been spending so much time separating layers to reveal the corrugated cardboard from box packaging!)
    The colours are so stunning and so “Patty” – I associate that dreamy blue colour with your creations.
    We all wish we were beside you creating and simply having a ball.
    P.S. I watched The Paradise for the first time on Sunday. I wasn’t convinced of the acting abilities of the main male character. So far I would say, not a patch on Mr Selfridge but maybe it needs to grow on me.

  29. Wow!!! Absolutely beautiful!!! Love the layers and gorgeous colors 🙂 ~Sophia

  30. oh wow patty, I havent heard of that paper before , I will have to look out for some…you pages are just beautiful and clever you still using your homemade gelli…:)

  31. oooh what gorgeous pages and gelli prints Patty!! Leave it to you to share another product I’d never heard of- rosin paper. And how clever to make your own circle gelli plates! I think your prints are fantastic!!

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  33. Looks like you had loads of fun 🙂
    Fabulous pages…….and very inspiring.

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