an early Valentine…

part of a class assignment in Misty Mawn’s FULL CIRCLE Workshop was to create a “day in the life” photo collage and poem…

Pin cushion I made for my Mom

photos are something I enjoy taking each and every day but releasing words and emotions can be a bit more challenging…


on an icy day recently I snapped lots of photos using my favorite Pixlr along with Misty’s generous class instructions to make a collage/mosaic…

Lady Love

the heart in the center below was created out on our back porch in January when our weather went from very cold to much much warmer in an instant steaming up a mirror…

Happy Birthday in Heaven Sweet Alexander

 I lit a candle and wrote a little Love note to our son Alex

Heart for U

wishing you and yours a lovely Valentine’s Day and may each and every day be filled with L♥ve Sweet L♥ve…

“chipped and broken 
this heart anchors me in ice

warmed by L♥ve
my frozen fears turn into dust

to shine and glow 

~Patty Szymkowicz

*please send healing prayers and get well wishes to a most beloved artist and blog friend Dorthe Hansen*

34 responses to “an early Valentine…

  1. Beautiful post Patty. I so enjoy your photos. They’re just gorgeous! I’m sure your note will warm Alex’s heart 🙂 Sorry to hear about your friend Dorthe though. Sending her prayers for a speedy recovery. ~Sophia

  2. Oh Patty,
    it’s so beautiful what you did ans so heart-touching what you wrote.
    I love your collage and the poem for Alex.
    I am sure he can feel you miss him so much and as well all the love you have for him and will have forever and a day. I am really moved to tears.

  3. Such a sweet post today, Patty. I love the beautiful note to Alex. I love the wonderful photos of hearts and ice. You are as talented with the camera as you are with the paint and glue.

  4. Sweet, sweet Patty. I looked back on all of the pictures that I remembered in my heart, listened to the words of John Mayer, I know that the mother/child bond is so tender. I believe he is waiting for you. Sending my loving thoughts on wings to you.
    P.S, Today is the anniversary of my mother’s death…then Jud’s. We share so much. Joy and sadness. Despite it all, i believe that life is good.

  5. So beautiful!!! Love the poem! Love your images! I’m going to do Misty’s class….. Just gotta get these new parents taken care of right now! Ha!

  6. Such lovely photos, work and beautiful sentiments, Patty. Do you have an address for Dorthe? I would like to send her a card.

  7. So beautiful, Patty. All of it. xoxox

  8. Wonderful photos and words Patty xxx
    Sending light light and love to you and Dorthe too

  9. what a very touching post dear Patty. Your heart hanging in the window is beautiful. And your photos, really so heartwarming and spiritual. And your poem… another gift of talent! Wishing you love and shine.
    Off to lv a mssg. for Dorthe

  10. Beautiful and moving – all of this Patty! Love your sentiment, too. I do believe that our loved ones that have passed before us are awaiting us with open arms and hearts. I don’t know Dorthe but do know she’s a dear friend, of yours, and will go leave a message. Positive thoughts and prayers for her and all who love and know her. xo

  11. sparkledaysstudio

    Beautiful and heartfelt Valentine to your son…..I am now a little weepy and cannot imagine the heart ache that you feel without him….I will light a candle too. xox

  12. Poignant, sad, yet uplifting at the same time. You never EVER cease to amaze me in words OR photos. Happy Valentine’s day to you, too, dear friend.

  13. You have a wonderful way with words Patty…always from the heart.
    I often wonder how you bear the loss.
    Your mosaic is stunning…so beautifully (and thoughtfully) put together.
    Sending you a huge hug…. XXX

  14. You touch my heart always with your beautiful pictures and words. My thoughts and prayers are with you and with Dorthe.

  15. Who said you couldn’t write? Beautiful poem to go with your great photos. Happy Valentine’s day Patty.

  16. Such a beautiful post, Patty. All of it–the depth of emotion, the photos, your poem…. May love continue to fuel your shine and glow as you are always so generous in sharing that warmth with others. Prayers of healing for sweet Dorthe, too. xo, Sue

  17. Beautiful words and photos Patty. So much talent….

  18. Which a beautiful poem for Alex , I am sure he feels your love on the other side .
    Love your photos and collage you created with them, and yes I am praying for Dorthe , havnt seen any more posts from her friend on Facebook , I hope she is getting stronger .

  19. love your wonderful poem to say love to your boy, love the photos and your post Patty. Take care ♥♥
    xo Dymphie

  20. Your photos are so beautiful and your poem so moving, I can’t think of a comment that expresses how deeply they have affected me. It has taken me a long time to write anything because the images, the colours and the beauty of the natural world you capture cannot be expressed in words and I can only imagine the loss of a beloved son. Your poem touched my soul. My thoughts and heart go out to Dorthe and to yourself too. I do not know her, but I feel connected to you and to her through your beautiful art. Julie Ann xxx

  21. Look how a class and challenge can be so good for a person. One day I’ll participate in these types of things more. A beautiful poem.

  22. Dear Patty!
    Your photo mosaik looks so good, a wonderful honoring to your lost and beloved son.But it made me cry, I feel with you. I also lost our first grandchild last year, it was born dead and my daughter was very sad about it. We were so happy when she got pregnant. But life was cruel. What’s left is the memory. I send you love and light for comfort.

  23. Yes, your thoughts are very sweet and tender. I lost my daughter, 53, to cancer on October 24 of last year. My thoughts are with you. Hugs.

  24. beautiful words patty to go with your wonderful mosaic….sending love xxx

  25. Oh my dearest Patty
    Not an easy day for you I know, but a day when you ensure Alex’s light is kept alive.
    You have created the most beautiful mosaic with images which express your love for Alex, the magical star shaped wands, familiar icicles, the hearts, hurricane lamp showing the way along the road in the distance…
    A mothers love never stops, it is everlasting.
    I’m thinking of you.
    Our dear friend Dorthe – I had just heard she is in hospital – sending prayers and love to her too.

  26. This is such a wonderful post Patty – it touches my heart –
    I can feel all the love for Alex !
    big hugs from


  27. This is gorgeous, Patty. I love the tones you used in the collage and as always the photos are lovely. Sending you wishes for a Happy Valentine’s Day.

  28. Beautiful photos & words Patty!
    Wishing you & Mr Magpie a wonderful Valentine break.
    Alison xxx

  29. Hi Patty I wrote my comment in the wrong post, I do love your stunning collage 🙂 Have a great day, hugs to you, Shirleyx

  30. Beautiful photos and wonderful words Patty! Love the poem!

  31. Patty, I have looked at these pictures over and over again and am finding it difficult to make a comment to do them justice. Your way of making an image, photographing it and then presenting the photograph in such a beautiful way is miraculous. Each of these pictures is astounding with such creativity.
    I’m sending healing thoughts and happiness.

  32. Such a beautiful and heartfelt post Patty.

  33. From your heart to our hearts as you share beautiful imagery and words that will resonate with each of us for our own personal reasons.
    The heart in the middle is exquisite, it might be cold and icy but it is brimming with warmth because it comes from your artistic heart.

  34. Lovely images, as always Patty. I know your son feels the love from you…always.

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