El corazón …

excited about Art Journal Journey’s August “Frida Kahlo” challenge theme…

Frida has inspired my artwork in the past working with beeswax… wood… metal… etching… moo’s… atc’s… altered books and more…

Magpie's Nest Frida artwork sampler

this time I opted to concentrate on Frida’s moody blue side rather than her extra colorful persona…

Magpie's Nest Frida  El corazón

sticking pins in the heart that I added a little cotton to for dimension (the heart is poofed up about 1/4 inch from the surface)…

Magpie's Nest Frida  El corazón (1)

the background is a dictionary page I had handy where I had played with a burst stencil… paint and plaster…

Magpie's Nest Frida  El corazón (2)

pieces of lace from my Mutti’s sewing supplies and some white roses finished this loose page for my art journal…

36 responses to “El corazón …

  1. Phoenix Tears Healed

    I love the deep blue 🙂

  2. Wow Pattie, this is super, fantastic, wow, great, I LOVE IT! What a great idea. I love the other pages you made with Friday, too. Glad you like the theme! It’s bedtime here, so I’ll say goodnight! Hugs, quacks, moos, Valerie

  3. Frida’s story was heart-rending. You’ve honoured her with your pages.

  4. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Frida in blue before. She’s quite lovely that way.

  5. What a beautiful page. Frida is so inspiring and you have created such gorgeous art work on a Frida theme. I love the composition of this page and the intensity of the blue. There is something really moving about it. xxx

  6. Using the pins was pure genius, and how wonderful that you have items from your Mutti’s sewing supplies to use, another gorgeous creation

  7. All your Frida art works are stunning with gorgeous backgrounds. This blue Frida is something special, it’s heart breaking. All of lovely artwork is so speaking and touching being in the same time enchanting. How you created her corazon is brilliant.
    Have a happy weekend dear Pattie!

  8. WOW patty,your frida page its just amazing,beautiful idea,and the blue on the page is so winderful.
    your other page with frida its great too,loove it.
    have a nice sunny weekend.

    greetings jeannette

  9. This is spooky and a bit disconcerting. Unlike most everyone else, I know very little about Frida. But I suspect I’ll learn a lot more as the month of August progresses and I see what else you have planned for this AJJ.

  10. Wonderful work can’t wait to see more

    Love Chrissie x

  11. Blue Frida, how original and beautiful. Love the roses too.

  12. Beautiful blue Frida! The heart & pins is so unique and the dimension of the background is fantastic!

  13. inanoctopusgarden

    lovelovelove! Excellent and very Frida!

  14. Great creation, it looks very amazing to me, full of fantasy. I like it very much, the stencil texture looks very good.
    Dear Greetings
    Sabine xox

  15. I love your burst stencil,dear Patty, so right for Frida centered on top, looking as if all her energy is leaving her poor painful body, and heart – El corazon !!!
    Wonderful idea with the puffed heart my dear and the blue, for blues (sad) , is so beautiful!!

    Warmest hugs, Dorthe

  16. JUST A*M*A*Z*I*N*G Patty… what a special beautiful composition on this loose page .. I am thrilled with that!
    Happy rest of the weekend for you!
    I am quite ready from our great family wedding celebration and shopping today with my daughter in Vienna..
    Have to elevate my legs now… getting old!

  17. Your Frida artwork is beautiful – and really honors this great artist (well, you are a great artist as well). I love the background, and it is so fitting for “your” Frida.

  18. Wow, loving all your Frida art projects. This one in blue looks stunning.

  19. Your artwork is breathtaking but leaves me a bit sad. Frida was such an extraordinary person and to think of her pain makes me sad. Or is it because of her pain that she was this person? Your piece is awesome, especially the stencil is my favorite and the colors.
    Best wishes, Manuela

  20. a blue heart… the coolest idea ever!! the pain she had to suffer was enormous. she´s one of my heroines (but i will never understand how she let diego rivera treat her…) i love her vibrant art (and your former samples), but the idea to make that blue page is fantastic!

  21. It’s amazing, Patty! I think it’s very Frida time :-). Love the unusual blue side of her you have put on your page.

  22. Yesterday I had NO clue about this page, but I went to Susi’s blog today and saw her latest entry. Now I GET IT. Color me blue with envy over this beauty.

  23. I don’t know why, but I saw the pins and thought of the sword when the matador kills the bull…I thought of Frida’s pain…just as the sword pierces the bull, the pain pierces Frida…a bit unnerving. Art is supposed to be provoking, and you certainly achieved that! It’s amazing!

  24. sparkledaysstudio

    Just fabulous Patty. Love the blue and the dimension and the pins. xox

  25. Stunning mixed media artwork, love it all including the art on your previous post. I hope you are doing well. Thanks for all your kind words at my blog 🙂 Hugs, Shirleyx

  26. I am in awe- simply amazing Patty! xo

  27. Beautiful! Great pages. Love this blue one….. Your art needs to be compiled and published as a collection!

  28. Wow Patty, you always amazes me with your special art! How I love this piece!! You really got her I think 🙂

  29. Loving your wonderful Frida’s. Annette x

  30. The notion of making her heart soft is incredibly beautiful and so very clever and what is also so clever, is that you opted to create with a blue palette, as you say, representing her blue side.
    This has heart, art and soul.
    P.S. Thank you for pointing me in the direction of the challenge. I rarely participate in challenges these days so many thanks for sharing that information with me.

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  32. Beautiful page. It touches me.

  33. oh wow!! loving the white stencil..it just pops !

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