dino book under cover…

back in July I shared how I peeled the pages of a children’s board book with you here

Board Book before and after

 I worked in my book using paint, monoprinting, inks and stamping in no certain order not giving much thought to where I would begin or end…

Dino Book Pages

here is what the finished pages ended up saying going from front to back of the book…

sisters of the moon (3)

we are all connected (4)

stronger than you know (5)

all hand made (1)

build your house with Love (2)

the numbers after each line show the order in which I worked on the pages and interestingly enough the words flow pretty well both ways…

(if you are interested in details and more photos each of the underlined titles above are clickable…I really like having all of the links in one place for my own reference)

YES glue netting and burned velvet

after some thought I decided on a burned velvet cover for my book which makes it really lovely to the touch…

Golden Flimmerstern

adding a favorite golden flimmer deco, some hand dyed netting and a metal Art Noveau piece I have had around for a long time…

Burned Velvet Book Cover

thank you for visiting and I appreciate everyone’s kind words so very much…Dinosaur book after

you make sharing fun ♥

and speaking of sharing…

my talented and sweet friend Susan of Rosie Inspirations opened an Etsy shop and if you haven’t already had a chance to visit you can pop over and see the lovely selection of beautiful handmade creations she has to offer here

26 responses to “dino book under cover…

  1. Patty, your dinosaur book is a precious thing. You have put such love into it. A wonderful result. Checked out Susan’s shop too. She makes lovely things and I hope she sells well.


  2. Patty dear, your finished book, is so beautiful, and the pages so strongly connected to each other with your words.
    It is a great idea, to rip the pages in a children`s book, and reuse it for your gorgeous story!!
    Hugs from me.


  3. Simply beautiful!
    Have a wonderful weekend Patty xxx


  4. Oh patty your poetry is beautiful and so is your scrumptious cover! Amazing transformation!


  5. I love the choice you made with the cover — it’s beautiful. And the words are quite perfect. It is indeed a treasure!


  6. What a gorgeous cover for the book. I have some of that Yes! paste as well. Super thick and gooey.


  7. love this – please bring to next months gathering to view up close and personal!


  8. A perfect cover for your dinosaur book dear Patty.
    Rich and interesting fabric just like your wonderful pages of art works inside!
    So beautifully done.
    Warm hugs


  9. Oh Patty! This finished Dino book is amazing! Each page is gorgeous and expresses a story in a beautiful way. Then the cover! Absolutely stunning! xxoo


  10. oh patty, who would know its a dino book…..amazing 🙂 the burnout velvet is just perfect for your cover….must be nice to have completed book too 🙂


  11. Just perfectly wonderful! Thank you for showing all the spreads. Your “created” poem is beautiful. And the cover is gorgeous!!!


  12. Wonderful. Velvet is so tactile, I once caught myself stroking a a complete stranger’s shoulder as she was wearing a velvet jacket – I was very embarrassed.


  13. Nobody could imagine its origins, the transformation of the book and cover is remarkable.
    A sumptuous cover and I believe that Art Nouveau piece was awaiting the day to be used to grace the cover.


  14. what a beautiful,beautiful book. I love that gorgeous cover! Obviously your thoughts and art both flowed during the creating of your pages as seen by your “found” poem upon it’s completion. You’re such an inspiration dear Patty.


  15. Your dino book has come a long way! Makes me want to head out to the thrift shop in quest of something similar to play with but I have to be a good girl and remember I’m already over-committed to creative things at the moment.


  16. this is awesome!!!


  17. Turned out beautifully! Love your choices! I bet that little dino book never dreamed what it would become! You dream weaver, you!!!!


  18. Your new creations are gorgeous, dear Patty. You were very busy during my absence and the work is more beautiful than the other.
    I hope you are well?
    My disaster with the heater still is not over now. Next week I have an appointment with my lawyer again. My strength is at the end …..
    Have a nice Sunday, my friend!


  19. Wonderful, wonderful book and now it has a fabulous cover. I love how you combine so many different materials to make your unique art.


  20. I drug myself out of bed to check on a few of my friends today. This total transformation is SO YOU!! Love it.


  21. Oh, I just love how it turned out!! I’ve been in a bit of an art slump and seeing what you’ve done is such an inspiration!! xoxo


  22. Bravo! well done, Patty!


  23. it seems you make this booklet for me… lol.. just my favourite colors in …

    amazing dear Patty!


  24. I can’t believe I haven’t commented yet, I have shown this post to at least 5 different people, oh my, anywho, the cover is PERFECT, I have been so excited watching you create this book, every page is outstanding work, the cover the icing on the cake..You have turned that children s book to a awsome piece of art work, thanks so much for sharing the journey, teaching us some wonderful techniques Your the BOMB Mrs Magpie, thank you for being you… (((( BIG HUGS ))))


  25. I hold my hands up Patty…I have been missing so long this is the first time I’ve seen this wonderful book! Such a brilliant idea……you always amaze me.
    My fav page is ‘We are all connected’ (and we SO are ;-))
    I love that funky stamp!!!! XX


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