tis the season tea…

below is a post I began drafting earlier last week with thoughts of sharing it for this Tea on Tuesday before Christmas…

even in light of Friday’s tragedy I thought I would go ahead and post it adding photos to it today

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

this time of year brings all kinds of emotions with it…

Rita Holzners painted glass baker

I have always Loved Christmas

Pie Safe Decos

but in more recent years after so much loss in our family I go up and down in this season of memories and merriment…

Mercury Glass Candle

I am sure there are many people who struggle during the holidays as it is not always a jolly and fun time for everyone (little did I know when I wrote that sentence)

Something Creative Every DayI hope that your holidays are meaningful leading up to a great new year…

Twinkle collage

and that you *feel the twinkle* in this season of Love…

the quote I had selected earlier does not feel quite like it felt a week ago considering all those in horrific shock and pain … after 13 years of intense grief work the quote is meaningful to me … this is the second Christmas without my Mother and we have not quite settled into being orphans for the holidays

1 twinkling trees

“Reflect upon your present blessings — of which every man has many — not on your past misfortunes,  of which all men have some.” ~Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

28 responses to “tis the season tea…

  1. americanfriendsinwarsaw

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.   Virginia Cook



  2. Patty, this is such a great tribute to all of us who suffer through the loss during the holidays. As you well know it doesn’t get any easier but how we handle it does if that makes sense. We will never understand certain situations. For this Christmas, I choose life and to live it to my fullest. My thoughts are with you at this time and with so many who have experienced loss. Patty, I love the trees 😀 . And all of the wonderful photos. Take care! – Amy


  3. i believe this time of year is for reflection…on what is near & dear…i do the work of reflection, collection, recollection…and i rejoice in the finding of other souls on a similar journey…peace and light to you, dearest, as you search for your twinkle…(that may be the reason for all the glitter xo) i love your beautiful decorations and the honesty of your life living…12.14.12 would have been my father’s 96th bday…i still said happy birthday to him, even though my heart was breaking…trying to think how to talk to my teenager about what happened…i guess that is what is meant by the unbearable lightness of being…i lift my sweet glass of korbel to you and yours and send you waves of love and light…


  4. Lovely quote. Best to you and Jim for a good year ahead.


  5. This season puts so much pressure on us ~ to be gleeful and happy for weeks on end. I have felt the same as you many times over the years, remembering family lost or being alone while my husband wasn’t in the country. Or just because it’s TOO much sometimes.
    Sparkle when you can, dear one. And reflect and remember those that you still hold dear in your heart.
    Warm hugs,


  6. I love the shine…white light of love… in your photos. They are healing me with quiet peace. I am sending you a virtual hug. Thank you, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  7. a beautiful heartfelt post … and your quote is just perfect, thank you for writing this, for all of us who are wearing our happy faces… for different reasons. wishing you peace and love this season… xoxox


  8. Thank you for the lovely quote Patty. This is definitely a Christmas of struggle for our family, but I am counting my blessings as well. I love your swans.


  9. Your sensitivity and thoughtfulness is always so precious to me, Patty. You do have a gift for finding such poignant quotes as well as expressing your own thoughts/experiences in such a way that resonate deeply with others. In other words, you’re pretty much one of those blessings others are grateful for…. And hugs to your heart for the never-ending hard work of grief…

    Sorry I don’t get around as much as I’d like, but I still get your email versions of your posts. So your little blessings you sprinkle around the globe still make their way to my heart 🙂 xo, Sue


  10. Dear Patty, I think a lot of us are not feeling the twinkle for many reasons, but to add to it the loss of a dearly beloved family member like your mom makes it infinitely harder. As you already know so well, it takes many years before it lightens and even then, there is always something in the back of the mind, that little point in the bottom of the heart, where the sorrow of loss remains.

    I send you peace in the coming weeks. And healing — my wish for all.


  11. A beautiful and pertinent quote for this time Patty. May you all feel the blessings of this season.


  12. Artbeliever@gmail.com

    Oh Patty! This is such a heartfelt post with your beautiful photos. Yes; the holidays aren’t always what they might seem or how we want them to be. In line with the loss of my husband and then the tragedy in CT., I almost feel guilty experiencing the smallest of joy in my days. I do know we must move forward and try to take comfort in the memories we have of our loved ones past. It’s not always easy this time of year and while it’s a first, for me, just know you and yours are in my thoughts and that you do offer such joy to those who follow you – not only with your art but with your words.

    Thoughts of you throughout this holiday season.

    Love, Marilyn


  13. dear patty you write such heartfelt posts and im so sorry you are struggling this year…… all the hype that goes with Christmas can makes us feel alone and guilty….. I hope you find some joy this year and please now how loved you your are in blogland 🙂


  14. Beautiful post! Perfect quote! I love all your little trees!!! So much hurt and lonliness out there…….. let us be mindful.


  15. wonderful post dear Patty! I wish you the peace of the season!
    Take care of you dear friend!


  16. May you have a blessed and cheery season making new memories and allowing the soft glow of the past mingle with this years magic.
    Much love to you and yours dear Patty.


  17. Dear Patty
    A heartfelt post that overflows with honest emotion and as always, the perfect combination of words and images when once again with your open heart you connect so truthfully with all of us.
    At this time of the year your hurt will cut even more deeply but for you I wish that there will be moments over the festivities when your heart feels lighter of spirit,
    Wishes to you dear Patty.
    P.S. Your home looks so beautiful, adore the forsests of bottle brush trees.


  18. beautiful post, beautiful sentiment, beautiful photos ~ thank you, dear Patty


  19. A beautiful post, wisdom and inspiration are yours, my friend. Thank you. I love your photos. Thank you for sharing. Let’s look forward, learn from our past, cherish our loved ones, our memories, and find our joy. God bless, Patty, now and always.


  20. Patty, your posts are always so heartfelt and full of sweetness. I love taking a peek at your Christmas decorations. Here, with all my finals, we haven’t even put up the Xmas tree


  21. Sweet Patty, Thank you for the gift of sharing this and all your beautiful posts with us throughout the year. Sending you and your family wishes of peace and love. You are a treasure. xoxo


  22. Dear Patty , your posts are always so heartfelt and so eloquently written. Your Christmas displays are gorgeous(love all those darling trees!)!! Emotions can be especially heightened during a holiday, but may there be a balance of happiness for all the cherished moments we had with loved ones parted besides the feelings of our loss. And yes, let their be laughter and feel the twinkle-those twinkles are coming from our departed angels.Blessings to you and yours.


  23. Beautiful post. So well written and thoughtful.


  24. Loved your posting every thing dd twinkle! I loved your passages too very fitting. Wishing you more twinkling moments to mark heart felt memories – cherish them. Xxoo


  25. Christmas used to be a joyous time of the year for me, but I too have suffered loss and although at times I feel I have adjusted and moved on, it’s special times like holidays that make me realize things will never be the same. Although I mainly try to focus on the happy times, the reminders of my loss still pop into my head and catch me off-guard. Anyway, I am fortunate to have wonderful friends and family who are so supportive and I also have my angel in heaven who is always watching over me.

    Your Christmas displays are all so beautiful. Love your forest of bottle brush trees and those lovely swans.

    Merry Christmas to you,


  26. Ma chère Patty,
    que ton billet est magnifique et touchant, en cette veille de fêtes nous avons tous dans nos coeurs nos joies et nos peines. C’est la vie.
    Il faut avoir du courage et de l’espoir.
    Je te souhaite, ainsi qu’à toute ta famille un merveilleux Noël.
    Gros bisoux.


  27. Well said!

    Sandy xox


  28. I can’t believe I’m so far behind seeing all this beauty. I’ve not even been near my computer for so long, it seems I’m out of touch with reality. This is a beautiful post. I am in awe of all these photos of your home. It feels so warm and inviting. And filled with tea, too.


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