a little tree tea …

okay maybe a lot…

my sweet friend Linda Richter got me excited about bleaching trees last year…

I have had some issues with my hands recently and haven’t been around the land of blog much…

a scary reminder to not take anything for granted…

I am beginning to feel better and hope to get my twinkle back soon…

enjoying a cup of Harney & Sons Darjeeling Highlands (to use their words) mellow and light Indian Black Tea

be sure and visit Kimmie for some really fun tea Tuesday posts…

oh and I am having a giveaway…

if you are interested you can find out more here

33 responses to “a little tree tea …

  1. Oh Patty! These trees are so charming and I love them in the tea cups! xxoo

  2. ooooh How cute these little trees…
    Happy HAppy T to you dear Patty!!!

  3. I don’t do cute, but the trees are great 🙂

    Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell. Healing thoughts on the way. x

  4. I ‘m strongly hope you feel better now 🙂

    Those little shabby chic trees are terrific!

  5. The trees are wonderful. They really fit the vintage look best when they are bleached and/or dyed! You really throw yourself into things…one of your many charms. You are going to be back to normal before you know it….

  6. stunning Patty, love the tea cup photograph!! Mx

  7. what a great sylist you are!! i am drinking (tea) to your good health and happy hands… hoping you are healing and doing well… xoxo

  8. I’m sorry that you have been having trouble with your hands. Yes, we can’t take anything for granted, especially our hands if we are altered artists. I knew I had missed you and even stopped by several times to see if my sidebar was not working properly.

    Trees are my FAVORITE decoration each year, so I would LOVE to find some of those awesome trees. And the way you bleached them was amazing. I remember when you did and showed the results. But seeing them in a several cups is beyond FUN!!

  9. Bleaching trees….hmmm, I love the blue colour 🙂
    Glad your hands are better, I take nothing for granted anymore, life is precious indeed.
    Happy T day Patty 🙂

  10. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better, now get better and better, and even better days ahead. Love these little trees, they are so tiny, love both the blue and the bleached ones too.

  11. Got to get the twinkle back, girl!
    Love the bleached trees!

  12. I rather liked the trees unbleached, but I definitely like you with a twinkle.

  13. I’ve never seen such tiny bottle brush trees before. They are so cute. Sorry to hear about the problems with your hands. I have a terrible migraine today so off to bed I go. Goodnite! Tammy

  14. Love your little bleached trees Patty – they are really sweet. Hoping your twinkle, sparkle and joie de vivre are soon back in their rightful place. pen xxx

  15. Oh Christmas Tree…tra la….
    I especially Love these ones, and often see them on blogs and imagined them as part of my white Christmas display this year – not available here sadly! It sounds such fun bleaching them too and adding the snow and icicles!!!!
    They look wonderful in your special bluebird bowl – what a treasure!
    So sorry to hear about your hands dear Patty and I hope things are ok.
    Big warm healing hugs
    Shane x

  16. The trees are wonderful HEAPED in PROFUSION. That teacup full is too cute! How can you bear to put them away after Christmas? (Leave them out until spring!)

    I hope you find something to help with the pain in your hands. A little medication, mixed with tolerance and a big helping of encouraging words from friends. Self indulgence might be a good thing too. heehee.

  17. a quick hello….what cute little bluuuuueee trees….sweet!! Hope your hands feel better today!!! Take care,,,,,CYN

  18. Patty, these little trees are so cute! Fantastic christmas decoration.

    Have a wonderful Christmas Season my dear friend.

  19. hope you are feeling EVEN BETTER real soon! love that cup of trees!

  20. I remember that post from last year …. I even tried it this year 🙂
    Now, how to make them pink? Wouldn’t that be fun?!
    I’m so sorry to hear your hands have been giving you trouble …. It’s a good reason to give yourself a little break ….

  21. Oh wow so lovely tree´s and you´ve made a fantastic decoration.
    Love them. Thanks for sharing my sweet friend.

    Have a lovely day. xoxo

  22. I wouldn’t never have thought to try bleaching those little trees – they are SO much more charming when they’re bleaching. Displaying them in a tea cup is a great idea too. Hope you’re soon feeling up to snuff and able to create full tilt.

  23. I love the trees in a cup photo too!! Nice rustic charm 🙂 xx

  24. oo they are cute!!

  25. i ve been looking for these little bottlebrush trees all over..so cute!

  26. I had seen the one about bleaching trees but darn I forgot to pick some up recently.It’s now written down in my purse! Feel better, sending healing thoughts Patti. And I bet your twinkle is there-it’s just hiding for the moment 🙂

  27. The trees are fantastic, thanks for sharing the photos.

  28. Patty,
    I am so sorry! I hate to think of your hands having problems. Those are gifted hands there. I have been absent, too. Having a tad of depression and annoyed with the floating borders on my blog. The blue of the trees is wonderful!!!
    Big hugs,

  29. I hope you’re finding some help for your hands—you are such a dear person to all of your readers and we feel your pain.
    Thanks so much for giving us a delightful post, in spite of your poor hands.

  30. I am SO hooked on bleaching trees, I’ll be leading the charge to Michael’s to get all the leftovers right after Christmas. It was either Linda or Karla’s Cottage that got me started. Fun trouble!

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