Light tea…

the sun in winter shines differently casting another kind of light and shadow on things…

Heart rocks and card from Mr Magpie

for a time in the afternoon it can act like a spotlight on dust so I try and enjoy when the light shines in a more favorable fashion…

Winter sun sparkling on glass knob

like just before the sun sets and how it illuminates the glass crystal knob on a bird house on our windowsill sending a burst of light rays all around it…

winter sunshine kitchen window

we get bright afternoon sun on the front of our house that streams in the kitchen window…

three legged cup and Siberian Irises

I am enjoying some homemade Yogi tea in a pretty blue three legged pottery mug that we picked up in Baltimore at The Women’s Industrial Exchange which has a rich history dating back to 1880…

chasethelightsprichwort (1) cynnie in germany

 joining Elizabeth and Bleubeard today for T and wishing you a lovely day with thanks to Cynnie for letting me share this great quote which goes perfectly with my word AND hers for this year 🙂

32 responses to “Light tea…

  1. Your wonderful words & beautiful photos make me smile Patty :o) xxx

  2. i’m fascinated by your 3-footed mug! i’ve never seen anything like it. your sunny flowers are brightening my day. 🙂

  3. LOVE that birdhouse!! Esp the crystal knob. Very awesome mug.
    Happy Tuesday!

  4. It’s alway a joy to see how you surround yourself with beauty, dear Patty! Thanks so much for sharing!

    oxo Alex

  5. Patty, each picture is just beautiful!

  6. Dear Patty, just forget the dust… it is to be seen here,too when that light of sharpness arrives,lol-
    Your littlehouse is so wonderful, love it and the knob, that so gorgeous makes the light dance all over. Your tea mug is very special, and must be wonderful having tea from- and the heart stone and glass are wonderful finds, looking so beautiful in this blue “corner” A happy spot to relax, and have a warm cup of tea.
    Hugs from very cold Bornholm- and hugs from me.

  7. A spotlight on dust. I never thought of it that way but you are exactly right! Ah, well, the photos are wonderful — no dust in view!

  8. Happy T Day! You got a great photo of the illuminated knob on the bird house. At first I thought it was a light bulb!

  9. Beautiful photos of the light. Checked the tea link, it is almost exactly the recipe I posted for Chai today. I love coincidences.


  10. Beautiful photos Patty!! I love how the sunlight illuminated the glass crystal knob on the birdhouse. Love your blue three legged mug too 🙂 Enjoy!! ~Sophia

  11. I’ve got a degree in dust – well if there was such a thing I would! It’s funny how we can ignore until the sun shines on it – a gentle reminder maybe?!
    Oh your bird house with it’s high pitched copper roof and crystal door handle
    is like something I would dream about – is a it a Mr M creation?
    Have a happy tea day!
    Shane x

  12. I want THAT bird house, hand it over Patty! LOL I am not really what you would call a birdhouse person, but THAT one I’d drive clear to your house for!

    I have never seen a three legged mug before, very interesting.

    As always your photography is second to none, this week is no exception.
    Thanks for the earlier visit

  13. You’ve a great collection of ‘stuff’ Patty. That bird house is just gorgeous…and the light, perfect.

  14. I was once told that dust was just misplaced matter in the universe. However, I often forget to dust until the light streams in and shows how dusty it can truly get in my house.

    I love the birdhouse with its copper roof, as do others, I’m sure. And your flowers light up the day with the hope of spring.

    Thanks for sharing the light today with your T(ea) in that really unique mug. I love it.

  15. Hi Patty,
    I’m so jealous of your bright afternoon sunlight in that window! I have always maintained that my house is too dark. And, I LOVE that 3-legged pottery mug. How unique!

  16. each picture is beautiful Patty! I am in love with the birdhouse!!!

  17. My eyes went right to the gorgeous flowers which may find themselves immortalized in beads some day soon! Thanks for sharing your beauty on this tea day with your very unique mug!

  18. Beautiful photos Patty. I love how the sunlight radiates off the crystal knob. I love the Fall & Winter sunshine, the low rays feel so wonderful, Take care, Shirleyx

  19. Hello Patty,
    what a wonderful bird house!! Did you made it by yourself? I haven’t known that a bird house can be art…. But this one is art! The roof seems to be made of copper. If it is like that what have been done with the edges in order the bird don’ hurt?? And: Aren’t the birds afraid of this reflecting crystall knob which looks so very beautyful??

    Best for you and your birds

  20. I love the way the light shines in the early morning through my windows, too. You have captured so many treasures with that gorgeous light – are those heart shaped rocks in the first picture? As always, your post is a visual treat! I’m going to email you a photo I took last week of light coming through my front window on my kitty.

  21. oh beautifully and poetically said…I feel as though sunshine becomes a very scarce resource in our Ohio winters! Gorgeous photos, and quite a unique mug!

  22. These are magical photos, I especially like the second one with the birdhouse and the pink snowflake.

  23. Hello Beo ~ The birdhouse is more decorative than intended for the birds to really use it. It is something we bought on sale and keep it inside on the windowsill. The late afternoon sunlight only shines for a very brief time on the crystal knob… it sparkled and caught my attention so I snapped some photos 🙂 You are very observant. Thanks to you and everyone for your visit and lovely comments. oxo

  24. Love your found quote Patty. Your birdhouse is extraordinary and with the sunlight lighting the knob it becomes magical. How lovely to capture that in the morning sun!

  25. You really catched the gorgeous light. Love the three legged mug, so unique!

  26. ……….lovely!

  27. Dear Patty, Your LIGHT-filled photos are lovely, thank you for sharing your world with us. I’m going to make my morning mate tea now and bask in the LIGHT.

  28. WOw, I love that birdshouse!!! so cute, and so fancy with the knob.

  29. Reading what you had to say about the winter light really came at a good time. This morning what little sunlight there was (very dim!) was coming in my studio window and hitting the plate of my iron and then bouncing off my calendar. What caught my eye is that my calendar is large pictures of butterflies and that reflected light made the picture look iridescent. Amazing to see.

  30. I know what you mean about the dust, and there isn’t any point worrying about it as it will still be there after we are gone. I like to think of it as a natural quilt for the furniture and keeping the damaging sunlight off it.
    Now your mug is absolutely gorgeous. And your irises have brought a smile. One of my favourite flowers.
    Happy Belated T Day.

  31. OMGosh! You really captured the light perfectly in those photos!
    Chai teas seem to be the thing in this cold weather. 🙂
    Happy belated T-Day!

  32. Love that birdhouse!

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts means a lot to me and I appreciate your visit very much oxo

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