create summer moments…

the second of August kind of snuck up on me but I wanted to participate in Elizabeth’s Second on the 2nd this month and I am trying WordPress’ “Reblog Post” feature and it will not let me embed the link so here it is:

Magpie's Nest ~*~ Patty Szymkowicz

the August challenge over at Journal Journey’s is “What does summer mean to you?”

summer here in Virginia conjures up lots of lovely images and feelings…

candlelit back porch 26June

for me it is barefoot time sitting on our back porch listening to the water fountains watching birds and bees and butterflies and the occasional furry visitors

Stencil Spray Inks Summer Pages

the parade of blooms from trees and shrubs and flowering plants that have come to us from family and friends over the years delighting us again and again…

Raindrops on lilies

summer is full of warmth and sun along with the occasional rain shower to make the warm pavement steam and freshen everything up…

Stencil Spray Inks Summer Pages (1)

when our boys were school age summers meant I could stay up late with no worries for early morning preparations and sendoffs…

JDS and IceCreamMan (1)

when I hear the tinkling music from the ice cream truck in our neighborhood it makes me feel giddy and sad all…

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19 responses to “create summer moments…

  1. Wonderful post to have a second look at it Patty.. adorable pages ….
    and photos ..what a fab feeling of summer–
    it’s a bit sad that the Journal Journey’s don’t exist anymore – that was such a nice challenge blog – and I still miss the Wednesdaysstampers.
    Happ new week to you liebe Patty!
    Happy second look on the 2nd!


  2. What a lovely way to share your summer recollections.


  3. Wonderful way to spend a not so sunny Sunday morning looking at and reading your post. I went in every nook and cranny. You really have the touch Patty and the talent to go with it. You create the best nostalgic and romantic scenes. By the way, my husband graduated from UVA.
    Sandy xx


  4. Lovely post, and love the look of your back porch, what a wonderful place to enjoy the summer! Have a wonderful day, hugs, Valerie


  5. How wonderful. I remember this post and it brought back warm memories for me, too. I’m so glad you reposted it.

    I want an ice cream cone, now! Thanks for sharing this Second look on the 2nd, dear Patty. So glad you thought of it, since I forgot to remind everyone it was coming up.


  6. I love your blue pages, dear Patty, such beautiful, in many layers background ,with the lovely stamps, and the blue bird singing for me, too.
    And your !summer moments” photoes are all filled with summers special feelings. I read the last linked post, about you and your mother, and your parents amazing skills in sewing and embroidery, what beautiful memories, and skills you inherited!! oxxo


  7. I remember this one. Lovely summer feeling. I love those summer nights outside on the deck, with the perfume of frangipani in the air.


  8. A beautiful post. The blue/green tones of your artwork has such a freshness to it, as though Mother Nature is actually living within the pages and the memories of late evenings and of the tinkle of the music from the van, brought back my own memories of the boy next door especially during the summer school holidays (oh doesn’t that sound such a cliche, we were very young and it was all very innocent) playing together and treats from the ice cream van which no longer visits.
    Thank you for bringing a flood of summer memories back to me this wet evening.


  9. sparkledaysstudio

    Lovely second looks, I like seeing your photos and your journal pages over and over. xox


  10. What a wonderful post. Your artwork is beautiful as are your photos and words.


  11. Great post! Since I’m a newer follower this was all new to me and I enjoyed it ♥


  12. Oh Patty what lovely photos again. The lilies with the water drops on it, the nice page with bird and leaves and your so inviting back porch at night look so nice. And your husband is a sweet-eater and loves ice cream. 😉
    Fun for the eyes as always.
    Dearest Greetings
    Sabine xox


  13. What a lovely post, Patty. I really can experience your Virginian summer through it. I love the raindrops on the lilies and the lovely atmospheric shot of your back porch on a summer night. I love your art work too. Such beautiful colours and it evokes how alive Nature becomes with the Summer Months before sleepy Autumn! Thank you for all the beauty you share with us. xx


  14. Gorgeous pages and photos, love them 🙂 Shirleyxx


  15. I’m really enjoying your reposts! Such fantastic pictures.


  16. A wonderful re-post Patty – love that porch, wish it was mine and a beautiful garden and artwork


  17. Patty, This post is just wonderful ! I love that you have added the links to go back and see your reposts, most are brand new to me!
    Thank you for sharing these sweet memories as well as glimpses into your life! I always enjoy my strolls through your blog! xoxo
    Happy August to you too my friend!


  18. Such wonderful Summer memories Patty, and beautiful pages! xox


  19. I really love the Good Humour truck! The ice cream photos on the panels outside are almost a collage in themselves. Lovely memories, Patty.


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