last of “what do u see” … for now …

over the last few months I have posted several times about the QB5 “what do you see” swap…

more details about how that started here

in a nutshell…we each put together bags of items along with a substrate that we mailed off to one another…

mine was a kipper tin that I emptied…grilled and hammered flat … punching a hole in one end…

we all chose different themes and items which made this swap a nice creative stretch…

I didn’t get to show you the back of Margaret’s lovely tin …you can have another look at the front of her tin for me here...

she had some great ideas to decorate the other side of it while Mr Magpie and I were traveling in Switzerland…

 it was ready for me to bring home after our special visit together…

such fun with the girls in the water…my favorite colors included and a fancy but diabolical frog…

Nathalie’s girls were waiting for me when we returned home from our trip…

real beauties too…

they made me giggle…

*you can click to read the words*

I am a big fan of rhinestones and Love the rusty look of these…

very exciting to see what each artist did with some of the same ingredients…

funny no one (except me) used the piece of peach zipper I included…

so much creativity…


and back…

here is a round up of the pieces I created for

Linda MargaretNathaliemeCarole

Nathalie and I had two sides to our pieces…

these two group photos were taken on a rainy day and then the pieces were put in the mail with no chance for a second photo opportunity…

our local altered arts group liked the ‘what do U see” swap idea so much that we will be swapping our own version of it locally over the coming months…

I am still using a smooshed kipper tin for mine with some different bits of this and that to play with…

25 responses to “last of “what do u see” … for now …

  1. Patty! What a fun art project – beautiful results; lots to share! Have a joyous weekend! xxoo


  2. I’ve followed you and this project since the beginning, and I am SO glad to see all these together. I was super impressed that you sent all your pieces at the same time. It would have taken me a while to work on them and get them finished.

    Those kipper tins are the funniest. I’m glad to read you will be using them in your new (local) swap. They are a hoot, and I really like the zipper, too.


  3. These are SUCH fun to see! Would you mind sharing what you mean by ‘grilling’ the kipper tins? I’m envisioning putting them on the bbq, but I doubt that’s right…or is it?


  4. Your tins are awe-inspiring. What a lovely collection of creativity Patty. They really are amazing! (Thank you for your recent visits and kind comments) pen x


  5. wow what a project…really unique and interesting pieces.


  6. This is great inspiration! Beautifully designed, dear Patty!
    Have a nice weekend my friend.



  7. I’m speechless. Really. Speechless.


  8. Kipper art is a lot of fun! I think I would have passed out at the challenge but, then, I am not a QB5! Love what everyone did.
    Jud’s family is here. I am just plain beat. We had a morning of chaos…people in and out…phone ringing constantly. Get me away to an island!!!!
    Hugs to you, dear friend,


  9. These are so beautiful!! what a lovely collection!!


  10. What a treasure all of these happen to be! Adored the whimisical “fishing for a compliment”…the mix of the victorian frog with your girls is such a fun surprise! Can’t wait to see what you QB5ers will be up to next. I’ve so enjoyed having front row web seats for all of the Queen’s visits! Xo, Sue


  11. These are still so much fun that I can’t even express it. We recently bought a can of sardines at Trader Joe’s since hubby is wanting to boost his Omega-3 intake more. Haven’t busted them open yet…but I may be keeping the tin… *grin*


  12. Oh how fun!! Love to see them all together! What a fun swap to do!


  13. Kathy Kristinnson

    What a great swap.. they are all so unique.. loving the kipper tin idea.. what an awesome idea… nice to see you are doing it with your group too..
    have a loverly weekend..


  14. Your tins all look fabulous together Patty!!


  15. After all that work and all the time it took how fun it is to see the end result! And you have such an amazing and artistic set of kipper tins now! Brilliant and beautiful!!!


  16. What a creative and very different collaborative project! Such beautiful details within all of the works! Thanks too for the links as well! All just super!!


  17. Leave it to you and your friends to turn proverbial ‘trash’ into fabulous treasures!!! Your post and pictures are chock-full of inspiration, Sweet Patty! Hope that you’re enjoying a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo


  18. It’s amazing what you can produce from ‘junk’.

    Still haven’t managed to find a sardine tin to work on yet though.


  19. The tins DO look fab together! Love the rhinestones Nat added…. I wish she would send me some of those….. Can’t wait to see what your other group makes!!!


  20. Hey, girlfriend, understand we missed each other over at Theresa’s art opening. Shucks. Glad to see you posting. I have been looking not leaving comments. Maybe we can meet up with Theresa in July over at Tyson’s for lunch when I get the art I bought! Were your ears burning when we were talking about you earlier! Hugs!


  21. What a great swap you gals enjoyed and such creativity. I see more each time I look. Well done by all.


  22. How lovely to see them altogether?? superb Patty! oh what a treasure to have! Mxx


  23. I think your swap is so neat and what a fun piece (grouping?) you have now! I am also surprised the zipper wasn’t used by everyone because I love zippers.


  24. Did you know that you can leave a comment for the photo you click to enlarge? I just did and then couldn’t find it here in your general comments, so I am reposting…

    ***Did you get the “dorm room” reference?
    Because fish are often found in schools…
    puhdum-pum (drum hit after a bad joke) heehee

    Yes, I SHOULD have added your zipper piece somewhere! I didn’t use your sparkly hallo thingy because everyone else did (I had to be different).***

    You sure do eat a lot of Kippers (I’m sure Mr. Magpie helps!)


  25. Oh, my! Serious eye candy here! This is absolutely amazing! I feel woefully inadequate and divinely inspired!


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